It is a myth that you cannot stay healthy, slim and fit if you’re at work. There are many who have broken this misconception and made changes to their lives. All you need to do is plan and implement some simple changes in lifestyle and work habits.

Here is a list of 10 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy in the Office.

  • Don’t skip Breakfast.

Each one of us understands the importance of eating a healthy and light breakfast. However, often due to our busy and hectic schedule we tend to skip it and rush to meet our deadlines. But, if you wish to maintain good health, skipping breakfast, should be deleted from your list. A wholesome and nutritious breakfast is the cornerstone of a healthy life. It provides you ample amount of energy that is required to tackle all that comes your way with a sound mind. Additionally, it will also help you to not indulge in junk snacks throughout the day.

  • Reduce the consumption of sugary food items and beverages.

Regardless to say, Sugary foodstuffs are there around us in each and every corner. Undoubtedly they are tasty, but they are the actual demons of our lives. They can savor your sweet tooth but they will not suffice your real hunger. Also, they don’t get digested easily and quickly. As such, sugar infused food items create a mess of high and low sugar levels in the body, eventually affecting your health.

Rather than relying on the packed snacks purchased from home to satisfy your hunger, you should get some snacks and munchies from home like carrots, cheesy sticks, berries, nuts, cucumber, almonds, cashews, or crackers. In case you feel sleepy in the afternoon during the work hours, you could either grab a piece of dark chocolate or drink a small cup of black coffee.

  • Pack homemade food for lunch.

Most of us tend to rely on food ordered from restaurants or roadside vendors to fill our stomachs during the lunch hour at office. However, such food often contains a large amount of calories and fats. Thus, do away with these meals that can cause harm to your health in the long run, it is advised to pack homemade food for lunch. Homemade food is much healthier and also affordable.

  • Water is the Key!

Regardless to say, drinking an ample amount of water is good for a person’s overall health. It will keep you hydrated throughout the day and will you will also not feel the urge to sip cups of coffee, tea or soda to relieve work stress. Often when you’re having a decent supply of water in the body, you will also not have as many food cravings, thus keeping you away from junk food.

Not only this, water can also help you keep away restlessness and sleep. Yes, people often feel Sleepy when the body is dehydrated. As such, it is advisable to keep a bottle of water always around you and keep sipping as and when you want. If you wish to add some flavor, then you can put slices of lemon or cucumber in the bottle.

  • Stretch or move around as and when possible!

Most of us have a 9 to 5 desk job, where we have very little space to sit in a comfortable position. Thus, sitting continuously on a chair can create a lot of back, legs and arm issues. As such, it is recommended to take short breaks and walk around in the office area as much as possible and when time permits. Move your body away from the chair and stretch your arms and legs at least once in every 2 hours. It will not only help you burn some amount of calories, but also promote good blood circulation.

It is not necessary that you do all your work by sitting on one chair, if you’ve to many an important call, do it while walking in the lobby, send emails from your phone while walking a bit in the balcony. Also, instead of using the lift, try to take the stairs. This will help you manage both your work and leisure time appropriately and keep in good health always.  Still, in case you require access to a doctor, there is always doctor on call available through online websites.

  • Stand when possible.

Stand as much as you sit. It is often believed that standing is way healthier as compared to sitting. It is good for the back, legs, spinal cord and arms. Standing helps you burn calories and keep your body enthusiastic and energetic. If this is not possible, you can switch your chair with an exercise ball.  It will help you work on your abs and maintain good balance.

  • Get a Sound sleep.

Needless to mention, sleep is one of the most important factors to keep yourself hale and hearty. It is imperative for the healing and regenerating the body. Lack of sleep can have adverse effects on the overall wellbeing and also disrupts the next day’s activities. Getting a significant and good amount of sleep helps you boost your energy and immunity. It also improves your memory power and enhances concentration.

Sound sleep will help you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated, thus preventing you from consuming toxic beverages throughout the day.  It will help you look feel as well as work better.

  • Make sure your work space is clean and tidy.

Are you getting sick because of dirt on your office desk? Generally, the computer system, keyboard, speakers, mouse, telephone and your whole desk becomes the home of various germs, micro-organisms, harmful viruses and bacteria.

To be in good health, it is important that your immediate work space is clean and tidy. For this, you can make use of disinfecting wipes, an Ultra Violet light or a disinfecting solution to clean the place from any harmful contaminants.

  • Let your Eyes Rest

Inadequate lighting can cause great damage to your eyes, especially if you’re constantly working on a computer screen. Ensure you look away from the screen on a timely basis and splash your eyes with cold water when you visit the washroom.

  • Make sure the Chair is Comfortable.

In case you have a job that makes it mandatory to sit on a chair and complete the work every day, then ensure that the chair is of good quality. It should be comfortable to support your back and neck throughout the day.

If you’re facing any health issues due to work stress and tension, then it is advisable to take medical help immediately. If you’re short of time to personally visit a doctor, don’t worry, you can now avail facility of doctor on call.

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