December 2, 2018

Restructuring of Nigeria as a task that must be done – ANNKIO BRIGGS

Restructuring of Nigeria as a task that must be done – ANNKIO BRIGGS


By Perez Brisibe

UGHELLI – CONVENER, Niger Delta Self Determination Movement, NDSDM, Annkio Briggs, has warned that for Nigeria to continue being a united entity, restructuring of the country is a task that must be done.


Briggs who is also a rights activist in a statement, expressed worries that NDSDM is very concerned that the 2019 elections is unlikely to be free, fair and transparent.

She noted that the group has no doubt that “Nigeria is on a high speed train that will soon hit the highest speed limit going down a slippery slope.”

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According to her, “The election of 2019 will make or break Nigeria as we know it. For Nigeria to hold on as a nation, Nigeria must have a president come 2019 who understands that restructuring Nigeria is the way to federalism and only federalism will give us the desire to continue.

“Restructuring is the only medicine for Nigeria if the desire of Nigerians is to remain as a country as the NDSDM believes we must work with our (Niger Delta) governors to achieve what is in the very best interest of Niger Delta.

“We therefore call on all the six Niger Delta governors to put the six States, the region and the ethnic nationalities they have governed for four years and hope to govern from 2019 to 2023.

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“The NDSDM agree totally with Gov Wike of Rivers States who said that he will not support a candidate that won’t support restructuring, hence we continue to raise our voice to encourage our people to vote their conscience as our future, peace and development depend on the right thing our people and politicians do in February 2019.”