December 26, 2018

PPCO to EFCC: Probe looting of tradermoni, anchor borrower, IDP funds, others

The PDP Presidential Campaign Organization (PPCO) charges the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to investigate the alleged looting of over N4 billion under the Tradermoni and the Farmers Anchor Borrower schemes, to fund President Muhammadu Buhari’s 2019 re-election campaign.


EFCC operatives

The PPCO also urges the EFCC to open investigation into the alleged looting of the repatriated $322 million (about N115 billion), by the Buhari Presidency, under the cover of distributing the money to the poor.

The EFCC should also commence the prosecution of all those reportedly indicted by the House of Representatives, alongside Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, for alleged diversion of a huge part of the N33 billion, meant for food and other welfare items for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the North East.

The PPCO insists that the investigation into the alleged looting, as well as the recovery of the stolen funds from the coffers of the Buhari Presidential Campaign must not be carried over into the coming year.

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It is rather despicable, after looting over N14 trillion in unremitted oil revenue, the Presidency cabal and the APC leaders are also hiding under the plight of innocent Nigerians to further siphon funds for their selfish ambitions

Our party holds that President Buhari is being very unfair to Nigerians in asking them to get ready for more suffering in the coming year when trillions of naira meant for their wellbeing have been siphoned and stashed away in his campaign coffers, where APC leaders also fritter funds to finance their wasteful life styles.

The EFCC should note that Nigerians are already aware that agents of the Presidency and the APC are involved in N1.2 billion round-tripping of public funds under the Anchor Borrowers’ Programme, for which they named a non-existent Anchor Borrowers Farmers’ Association as donors, in a bid to legitimize their siphoning of funds from public coffers to fund President Buhari’s campaign.

Nigerians are also in the know that agents of the Presidency, under the watch of Vice President Osinbajo, are being used to divert huge part of the budgeted sum for the Tradermoni scheme while handing out paltry sums to unsuspecting beneficiaries, who are further fleeced through 10 percent kickbacks by APC agents.

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On the repatriated N115 billion, we charge the EFCC to make public, its findings on allegation that 90 percent of the estimated 300,000 households listed as beneficiaries are phony family names supplied by fraudulent government officials, as conduit to channel the repatriated money to APC leaders and the Presidency Cabal.

President Buhari has completely failed his integrity test and no longer has the moral standing to expect votes from the same persons stolen from to finance his re-election bid.