December 11, 2018

NGO to donate 10 sewing machines, 400 mosquito nets to Makoko residents

Mosquito net

By Elizabeth Uwandu

Residents of Makoko community, one of Lagos biggest slums is set health and financial empowerment as Macversity foundation will be hosting a tour where 10 sewing machines and 400 mosquito nets will be given come December 15.

Mosquito net

Emetu Macduff, also referred to Cosmic Macduff , founder of Macversity Foundation. said Makoko Tour was a spiritual movement of love posed to bridge the gap between skill acquisition and financial empowerment.

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According to him, Makoko Tour seeks to raise ethical and dedicated entrepreneurs in the city of Makoko, the biggest slum in Africa. We have designed a key performance indicator to checkmate the progress of our beneficiaries in other to make such that there is a sustainability in the system. We seek to give out 10 sewing machines to highly skilled individuals in the area of sewing and also give out 400 mosquito nets to the residents of Makoko, all for free.

“The beneficiaries will have to undergo a competition on the 8th December, 2018 which will help us to get the best hands on people who know how to sow or design clothes with sewing machine.

Having chosen 10 individuals as winners, we will dedicate to each of them a direct mentor that will monitor their progress and report back to us as a foundation. That way, we can always improve the success of our beneficiaries without leaving them behind.

“Again, I believe that when we have real people, we create real stories and together we make a real change. As Nigerians, We all have a new opportunity so long as we do not become pessimistic about the way things are moving or the situation of our country. We have a new opportunity to give hope, help lives, and empower the next person to us.

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We have the opportunity to be the reason why the next person to us will always smiles. We have the opportunity to give out love to any tribe and to see the unity of our dear Nation. This is the movement which is starting from the city of Makoko. We seek to touch every other areas of the Nation to see to the progress of our Nation.

“TheTour is happening on the 15th December, 2018 at the City of Makoko, Lagos” Macduff explained.