…declares two days fasting over elections

Prophet Joshua Iginla has warned the country to pray against military interruption and rape of our democracy as we prepare for the 2019 elections.

Bro Joshua Iginla

Iginla in his prophetic warning spoke against military intervention.

According to him, we should pray not to see military everywhere when we ought to see civillians.

In his words he stated that the will of the people should reflect in the election result and that we should pray against manipulation of results.

The clergy also said God showed him that the signs are not good and that if allowed to come to pass the church will suffer the effect more.

Furthermore , he enjoined Nigerians to pray against the rape of our democratic process.

Consequently, he raised a two day fast and prayers on Thursday, December 13th and Friday, December 14th, 2018 to avert the negative signs:

We have to pray and fast on Thursday and Friday for Nigeria over our 2019 election.

One of the things God is showing me is that the will of the people should reflect in the election result. We should pray against manipulation of 2019 elections. The result should not be delayed unnecessarily. The will of the people should be seen in the result.”

I am not advising but telling you what God showed me. So that people should not be aggrieved and take laws into their own hands.

Secondly, we should pray against cancelling of votes in some areas…. the signs I see are not good and if they should come to pass the church will suffer.

You might call me names but if the signs come to pass the church will be worse hit. That’s why we should pray.

Thirdly, we should pray that our democracy should not go under pressure. This beautiful democracy should not be raped. If the church refused to pray they will be under serious persecution. Else we would be forced to become prayer warriors over night.

We should pray not to have military everywhere when we should have civilians.


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