Anyone who enters the world of prostitution thinking it’s going to solve all their financial problems will be bitterly disappointed. The cold reality is that you deal with the darker, seedier side of life on a daily basis. Many of your clients don’t have a good level of personal hygiene and it’s all you can do to prevent yourself from throwing up. Many of those so-called customers are arrogant and treat you like dirt because they’re paying. Others always push their limits, wanting more and more….”, observed Fidelia, recently.


Some six years ago, Fidelia was a carefree secretary in a fairly big firm with lots of friends and oodles of confidence. She got herself a couple of boyfriends and her social life became frenzied. Thanks to some high-flying colleagues who combined their jobs with frequent trips to Dubai to bring back goods they sold in the office, Fidelia was able to dress well, on credit. “Before I knew it, I was owing two or three colleagues huge sums of money”, she said, “and things came to a head when I was roughened up by two of the `traders’ within a month! They nearly tore my dress off in the office as they rained insults at me! A classmate of mine had always hinted I could make easy money by going to private parties organised by some top `guns’. I already knew what to expect and always turned her down. This time around, I was the one who singled her out to take me with her on her next outing, and that’s how it all began.

“True, I’ve met the flash type who throw money at you, but I’ve also met men who think they can do what they like because they’re paying, being violent at times and forcing you to have unprotected sex. If you say you won’t do something, they become extra aggressive, it’s just you and him alone in the room. One grab round the throat by a drunken punter and you wouldn’t even be able to shout for help. Your opinion of men goes very quickly down the drain. Sadly, I doubt if I’ll ever trust another man again. All my `boyfriends’ are married; most of their wives have no idea what monsters they’ve landed themselves with.

“With prostitution, all you invest in is your body. And sex is one of the commodities that sells even in a credit crunch. As good as the money is, it comes at a terrible price. You become a bit tearful in case any of your friends guess what you do or start asking questions about your money. I mean, how would I feel if my friends and family, or worst of all, future kids, found out? How would it feel if I lost my reputation just for a bit of cash? That’s why a lot of my so-called girlfriends in the trade are alcoholics. Drinking numbs the guilt they feel selling heir bodies.

“At times, when I attend a big do and a man stares at me, I cringe in case he’s one of my `customers’. In spite of my fears, I still haven’t quit. I thought that once I’d paid off all my debs, I’d stop, but the money has become addictive and I began spending it as fast as I was making it. My boyfriend almost found out recently when one of his friends told him he’d seen me before being led to a room at one private party. I denied it so vehemently that he cut his friend off for wanting to ruin our relationship!

“The shock of discovery made me more careful and I intend to stop soon. I still have my health and am lucky not to be roughened up by a violent man. You can be as careful as you like but a violent man is not likely to use a condom and you’ll be very unlikely to stop him. Prostitution is an industry where so many women and children are exploited and abused. Many do not want to be there and quite a few get damaged for life. It’s just not worth it …”.


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