December 30, 2018

2019: NASFAT tasks politicians on good conduct, peaceful election

The Nasrul-l- Fatih Society(NASFAT) on Sunday charged politicians to always exhibit good and ensure peace during and after the 2019 general election.

Engr. Kamil Bolariwa, President of NASFAT worldwide, made the call at 2018 International conference of the society held in Akure, Ondo State.

News men report that over 200 missioners attended the conference and over 350 branches worldwide.

Bolariwa said it was incumbent on all politicians to allow peace to reign and ensure peaceful conduct of 2019 elections for the betterment of the country.

“Our politicians need to understand that there is no position anybody holds, if not given by Allah it cannot be given to anybody. Therefore, if you get there it means it pleases Allah that you are there.

“And then you must know that Allah will ask you what you do with that position because you are given in trust to hold it over the people, Allah will ask you what you do with that position and people will also ask.

“Are you holding the position for yourself, family and friends alone or you are using the position to better the lives of people?

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“No matter everybody does at the end of the day, there is life thereafter, so nobody should think he or she will go Scot free, impoverishing the people by the position they hold making peace and security difficult to people,” he said.

The NASFAT president, therefore, admonished politicians to provide succour for the people by making them happy and try as much as possible to remove poverty and make them comfortable.

Bolariwa, who noted that one of the aims of the conference was to ensure oneness among members and uniformity, said that the missioners should see the society as their own and ensure that it grows for the betterment of Muslims community and humankind.

Earlier, Imam Onike-Morufu Abdul-Azeez, the Chief Missioner of NASFAT, said that the conference was to educate the missioners on the changes in the world and how to address the challenges facing Islam.

“In the course of the religious propagation, it has become increasingly fundamental for the Missioners to understand all the socio-economic and political ecosystem of Islam.

“In the role of propagating Islam they are encouraged to take into absolute consideration people’s time, space, culture and the nation’s peculiarities without compromising the basic fundamental of Islam,” he said.

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The chief missioner admonished members to leave peaceful with non-Muslims being facilitators of peaceful co-existence, proper teaching of Islamic concepts, ensure members participate in elections in peaceful and orderly manner.

He tasked missioners to explore various economic empowerment opportunities so that they would be financially independent and not live “beggarly life.”

Also speaking, Alhaji Abdulfatai Amodu, the Zonal Chairman of NASFAT, Ondo State, appreciated the society for holding the conference in the state.

Amodu noted that it was an opportunity for self appraisal and improvement for spiritual and secular growth.

On 2019 elections, he advised all stakeholders to play the game by the rules and be peaceful in their conduct in order not to cause crisis.

The guest Speaker, Sheik Nuruddeen Lemu, Director Research and Training, Dawah Institute of Nigeria in Minna, said that Islam haseed not changed but people were derailed from searching for knowledge and could not follow objectives that Quran preaches.

Lemu, who spoke on the theme “Strengthening NASFAT Missionaries for Contemporary Da’wah (Islamic Propagatiin) Challenges”, called on Muslims leaders to be objective in their reasoning and submissions so that the coming generation would not live in confusion.

He encouraged Muslim leaders to search for new innovation and knowledge, saying “we are living in society where developments are moving faster than laws to regulate them.

“Lack of knowledge has done more damage than weapons, so human being born to learn and most useful to others by doing good things.

“And we must care for the poor people so that Nigeria can move forward. We should not deceive ourselves, we must stand for justice and not care about who does it,” he said.

According to him, nobody has destroyed Islam as Boko-Haram because of their ignorance toward present day realities and they are claiming to be promoting Islam.

Lemu called on the leaders to impart knowledge into their followers and to shun any hate speech that could destabilise peace in the country.

He said that the impoverished in society should be well cared for, noting that no nation could survive as long as such people remain in terrible codition.(NAN)