By Princewill Ekwujuru

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) agency, Nitro 121 marketing communication, formerly 141 Worldwide has unveiled a new name and logo, promises better digital and creative engagement for the clients.

Speaking in Lagos, Managing Director of the agency Lampe Omoyele at the unveiling said nothing was wrong with 141 worldwide brand. “What we have done is an evolution and taking the opportunity to use a new name, a new identity to launch ourselves to higher height as a business.

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According to Omoyele the revitalized agency is bringing to the market high performance. “We bring to the table a new dimension of digital marketing, we have one of the strongest team and one of the best digital marketing personnel in the country, we are bringing  a new digital marketing strategy capabilities into the game.

We have recruited in the past one year some of the best strategists; the average agency just speaks about creative. No, we are starting from consumer hindsight and developing strategy,” he said.

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He went on ,”In formula one car race. “When a car and a driver comes to a pit stop, within a few seconds that car pulls up to perform    at the higher level    before    it got to the pit stop.

Nitro 121 is a pit stop where brands and businesses come to and working with us their levels of performance improves. So, every brand and business that comes in touch with 121 to the pit stop that we would leave you performing better, “he said.

He stated that the 121 metaphor speaks about the higher level of connection with brands and consumers that has spoken to.

In motorsports, a pit stop is where a racing vehicle stops in the pits during a race for refuelling, new tyres, repairs, mechanical adjustments, a driver change, as a penalty, or any combination of the above.

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On the reason the agency is changing its identity at this time, Omoyele said that “there is a high level of competition in the market place, the market is evolving and we cannot afford to be a dinosaur.

What we are doing is thinking ahead of the scope, ahead of the market, so why other people are still thinking about what to do, we are moving ahead of the scope.”


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