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You made love to marine spirit not me, Dabota Lawson fires fan

By Ayo Onikoyi

Since walking out of her 18 months old marriage to billionaire, Sunny Kuku, ex beauty queen, Dabota Lawson, has been living life on the fast lane, hardly staying out of heavy traffic and surely sticking out her neck into whatever catches her fancy. It is a sure bet if you take a dig at her, she would respond in good measure. This is something one of her followers on Instagram found out about her quick enough.

Dabota Lawson

The stunning beauty was sharing an opinion on Instagram, advising celebrities to embrace the social media to make their private matters public, because, according to her, it gives the opportunity of writing one’s story the way one wants, instead of being wirtten by another, who may not be entirely conversant with the issues.  It was while she was dishing out this piece of advice when a lovestruck follower waded in and professed love.

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“Dabota, I had a dream where both of us were making love. You are so sweet and lovely, I love you Dabota,” so says the follower who goes by the name @Abig_son.

The ex beauty queen quickly replied him, it wasn’t her he was making love with in the dream, that, it must have been a marine spirit.

Recall that Dabota spilled the beans about her marriage on Instagram, saying she regretted marrying the billionaire, Sunny Kuku, who is 35 years older than her. Her recent post on why celebrities should use the social media to make public their secret pains may just give an insight to the reason she went public about her failed marriage.


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