Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Abdolnaser Hemmati said that the United States failed in sanctioning Iranian oil.

US fails in fully sanctioning Iranian oil – CBI governor

“Today, it has been clear for everyone that the United States has been defeated in sanctioning Iranian oil and minimizing it into zero level completely under any pretext.”

He made the above remarks on his Instagram page and said, “with granting waiver by the United States to various countries gradually for buying Iranian oil, trade and revenue status of the country will be identified.”

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Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has compiled decisive plans compatible with the current terms and conditions even at the condition that Iranian oil exports volume is reduced as a result of US sanctions, Hemmati opined.

In the same direction, CBI has concentrated on stabilizing money and foreign exchange market in recent weeks, he said, adding, “moreover, the bank has targeted the gradual improvement of national unit of currency and increase of competitiveness of economy coupled with prevention of currency fluctuations at the market.”

He went on to say that the bank has taken decisive measures to balance Foreign Exchange Market, control inflation, improve livelihood and welfare condition of people especially in low-income classes of society and will spare no effort to assist the government in line with materializing its objectives.

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A high-ranking official in the US government has recently told that Washington has granted waiver to eight countries including Japan, India and South Korea in order to buy oil from Iran after the implementation of second round of sanctions on Iran.


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