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Uncertainty of Igbo in Nigeria

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By Chioma Gabriel

I don’t understand this and it translates to me as an insult to Igbo sensibility. Why are the igbo being mocked over presidency 2023?  Why are they being blackmailed into voting for a particular candidate as a condition for them to produce Nigeria’s president knowing that nobody will offer igbo presidency on a platter of gold.

For a long time, the Igbo have been treated as a defeated people and today in Nigeria; they are still being treated as defeated people. Whenever issues involving Ndigbo come up, instead of the people being treated respectfully, intimidation is always being used to tackle the Igbo thing. You’d also perceive disrespect, dishonor and disregard in the way Igbo issues are being handled. And then, it gets more annoying when you see self-acclaimed Igbo leaders betraying the cause of the people and playing up to the gallery, calling white black and black white. It gets more painful when people who have been offered inconsequential positions in government and who know that they are of no consequence in the scheme of things start talking big and acting big. I wonder how they feel when they see their people being maltreated using security agencies or when people like Boss Mustpha opens his loud mouth and talks down on the people.

Boss Mustapha told Ndigbo Igbo that they have a strong chance to produce the next Nigeria’s President in 2023, if they vote for President Muhamamdu Buhari in 2019. That means the destiny of the entire Igbo race lies in voting for Buhari in 2019. President Buhari has become the god the Igbo must worship if they want to play any significant fiddle in the Nigerian State.

Mustapha likened politics to “a game of numbers and cooperative society where whatever you bring as an investment is what you get when dividends are going to be shared. In other words, the Igbo have not brought any significant investment into the Nigerian state and that is why the people have not been deemed fit to produce the Nigerian president.

I don’t know what investments those who got the position in the past made that qualified them to be president and the investment that made former Lagos governor, Babatunde Fashola to say that presidency will return to the south west in 2023. Agreed, Boss Mustapha is doing his job but I don’t know if he is being part of the problem or trying to solve it.

Or maybe he is right. When Nigeria is being negotiated, the Igbo are negotiated out because they are still being counted as defeated people who can easily be trampled underfoot by others.  How they feel about their place in Nigeria doesn’t count because every time a president emerges in Nigeria, it is negotiated. Mustpha said a president is negotiated in several ways, negotiated by votes or what you bring to the table and you must negotiate from the position of strength.

Boss Muspaha is therefore saying the Igbo don’t have the gift of the garb, are too dumb to do anything right and has never brought anything to the table to warrant anybody from that side to be Nigeria’s president.

That is why this country needs to be restructured because we don’t we need this kind of talk in a restructured Nigeria.

Why then all the lies about developments going on in the south east region when somebody would easily make reference to the 5% votes the President received from the region in 2015?

I have heard so many lies about the on-going federal government projects in the south east and decided to visit Anambra and Enugu States by road. From Onitsha to Enugu, there is no road. The alleged reconstruction of Enugu-Onitsha expressway does not exist. It is an illusion.

If you know you have no plans for Ndigbo in the scheme of things in Nigeria because of alleged 5% votes, why lie that you are doing something when you know you are not? Some of us from the south east region who are in the media often travel by road and we know what we see and the huge lies they tell.

But we know what Mustapha is saying. Simply put, he is trying to warn the Igbo that if they support Atiku/Obi presidency, they would be doing so at the own detriment. Why play God over the Igbo cause? Strange things have been happening in Nigeria that one cannot say for sure where the pendulum will swing to.

God has a way of doing his things and talking down on the Igbo or threatening them will lead nowhere.

But also looking at it from the other side, the way the Igbo do their things has also contributed to the way they are being treated or regarded in Nigeria. A people who have been marginalized over the years got one of their own appointed as a vice presidential candidate and all hell was let loose. Some Igbo now want to re-write his history for him, give him names he was not given by his parents and attempt to dress him in borrowed robes. Some so-called Igbo leaders will say one thing today and change it tomorrow.

They joined those who think it is finished for the Igbo in spreading lies and rumours and threatening that Igbo depends on Buhari’s second term to get 2023 presidency.

Is this right?

But it is not the fault of Mustapha that some Igbo leaders speak from both sides of the mouth. When their pockets are enhanced, they speak differently and deny what was earlier said or done. I have not seen the significant hand of friendship to the South Eastern states or  efforts that have been put in place to ensure infrastructural development and integration.

As for the governors, they know what they are doing. The south east governors are not really projecting the cause of the Igbo but working towards getting another term in office.

They can make a million trips to Aso Rock to thank government for the non-existent federal government projects in the south east but the people see and they know. Those who concur to what they don’t know should go and see things for themselves.

Or do people who live in Abuja and Lagos know southeast more than us.

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