November 27, 2018

That poem from Margee Ensign of AUN on Atiku’s birthday



Birthday greetings. No one says it better than the young academy students. Nkem sent me their poem below. You are really inspiring hope. The best, Margee


Former Nigerian vice-President Atiku Abubakar

Atiku/Obi group eulogise Waziri Adamawa at 72


Who is that giant tree I see

Providing shelter to the poor

And a windshield from the wind of shame to all?

Who is that gladiator

Advancing so courageously?

PDP challenges Buhari to a one-on-one debate wth Atiku

He has declared a fierce war against poverty

He is ready to defend the needy

And restore their lot

To the days of old

When their purses were strong

And the contents were sufficient to purchase the items of choice


Who is that hero I see

Who rises when other giants announce it’s bedtime?

They retire and he remains to ensure

That his people have quality education

Ensuring too – a conducive atmosphere

Where even babies learn new words and numbers

And the older ones who aspire for Doctorate

Actualise their dreams without crossing seas and oceans


Who is that entrepreneur I see

Rising with courage written boldly in his eyes?

He strives only to make life easier

Engaging the hands of the youths in gainful labour

And taking off the burden of want and lack

From the back of the young and old


He replaces the yoke of sorrow with pride

And the gnaw of hunger

He replaces too with desired merriment, contentment and comfort


Who is that philanthropist I see

Feeding and educating the less-privileged

Providing them with renewed joy and vigour

To live, dream and actualise all aspirations?


We were standing on the pedestals of delusion

Our fortress was invaded by confusion

To our aid comes the messenger of great news

In his right hand he carries the golden bag of hope

In the other he carries the restoring balm of peace


He comes to secure and not to set to loss

He comes to unite and not to scatter

He comes to strengthen and not to weaken

He comes to enrich and not to impoverish


He is the one without a worthy competitor

To the young and needy

He is the caring adult who for them won’t give up

He provides food and drinks

Shoes and tops

Books and pens

Education and subsequent employment


He is the Founder of institutions

From cradle to college

Babies crawl to A.U.N. Early Learning Centre

Where they’re nursed and taught

They walk on to A.U.N. Elementary


Then some proceed to A.U.N. Charter School

And others to A.U.N. Academy:

A secondary school like no other

Where students are prepared for tertiary learning

The same is readily achieved

At the prestigious American University of Nigeria (A.U.N.)


He is a giver and not a taker

He is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and educator

He is the Waziri Adamawa


Alhaji Atiku Abubakar!

Margee Ensign, President of Dickson College, Pennsylvania.