November 17, 2018

Plus size model, Pelumi Pink defines ‘body negativity’

Plus size model, Pelumi Pink defines ‘body negativity’

Pelumi Pink

By Ayo Onikoyi

Plus size model, Pelumi Alake, known on Instagram as Curvy Pink, a graduate of geography has never hidden her disdain for self-pity often experienced by women who feel their fleshy figure isn’t the real McCoy.

Pelumi Pink

She has said often that body shaming brought on by people who feel everything that is beautiful should come in slim figures doesn’t hold water with her. In her recent post on Instagram, the thick, curvy girl defines ‘body negativity’ which most big girls haven’t shaken off their minds.

She writes: “My definition of body negative is how people see themselves in a negative way. When you don’t like anything about your body, unrealistic way of how you see your body, body negativity can be from the result of body shaming, feedback about your body from peers, family, members and friends, etc

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“Sign and symptoms of body negativity, include obsessive self critique or study in mirror, frequent comparison of your own body to other people’s body size and shape, envy, the body of a celebrity or someone else in the media.

“I usually tell people that media is one of the causes of body negativity when they portray a kind of beauty and the society feel you have to look a certain way. Women and young girls are now living in a society where their bodies define who they are. Girls are terrified to gain weight and are continually reminded by the media about various new diet products on the market, and the value in weight loss.

“They are also bombarded by countless television shows on plastic surgery and the number of cosmetic surgeries in this country are increasing every year. Women, today, face impossible images of beauty on a daily basis when they watch television, see a movie, or view a magazine. It is estimated that young girls are exposed to 400 to 600 media images per day.”