November 16, 2018

Nigerian music industry too competitive- Emex

Nigerian music industry too competitive- Emex


By Ayo Onikoyi

Budding singer, Emmanuel Thompson, better known as Emex EOT, has admitted that the music-making craft is highly competitive in Nigeria.


After successfully conquering the Indian music scene, Emex, who relocated to Nigeria two years ago to further promote his music career, said there was nothing he could do better than music.

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“Music is everything I have and the only thing I believe in. I can never give up music for anything.”

The singer, however, stressed that it was not easy to penetrate the Nigerian music scene, adding that the country was full of musical talents. But, according to him, his infusion of Indian sound would make him a sought-after musician.

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The 25-year-old University of Lagos graduate explained, “I have lived in India for years; so, I am influenced by Indian fashion, culture and lifestyle. My debut single, ‘Priyanka,’ is a name of one of their biggest actresses. Though there are many Nigerian artistes in India, the Indians have their own way of listening to music and they are not familiar with Nigerian sound.”

While he has released two singles – ‘Priyanka’ and ‘Kontrol’ recently, Emex said there are plans to release more songs next year.