November 28, 2018

New mobile App enhances transaction for Leadway Assurance customers

New mobile App enhances transaction for Leadway Assurance customers

By Juliet Umeh

Complying to the current trend of using technology to drive insurance penetration and improve efficiency Leadway Assurance, recently, said it has introduced a mobile insurance application that enables customers to transact all insurance businesses on their Internet-enabled devices at their convenience.

The application, Leadway MyLife+, supports flexible operating systems like Google play store and IOS Apple Store and compatible with a wide range of smartphones and tablets.

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The company’s Chief Information Officer,  Odalo Aimufia, said the MyLife+ app is designed to bring real value to the life experiences of its users by providing a more convenient way to purchase and manage policies.

He said the new app has many features that offer the customer greater ease, convenience and opportunities for interaction with agents.

Aimufia said: “The application has features that enable customers to track and manage their policies; lay complaints; report claims directly; buy and renew policies directly; request for agents among other services”.

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He also noted that as a company passionate about using technology to drive insurance service delivery, Leadway’s evolving business and product focus placed greater emphasis on delivering satisfaction, happiness and fulfilment to the customer.

For him, “the impact of mobile technology on the daily routine of millions of Nigerians is huge. It significantly influences how they receive information and the population of mobile phone users in the country keeps growing. As a customer-centric business, we are increasingly working on how to leverage on this trend by creating platforms where consumers manage their product plans on the go.

“To this end, we are committed to a policy of continuous investment in research and development in the areas of technology, trends and culture as the bedrock of our marketing strategy, product design and customer engagement.