November 16, 2018

Nat’l Water Bill aimed at centralising administration – FG

Nat’l Water Bill aimed at centralising administration – FG

The Red Chamber

By Chris Ochayi & Maxwell Tochukwu

ABUJA—The Federal Government has explained that the National Water Bill pending before the National Assembly was not aimed at taking control of everything concerning water but to centralise water administration under the Ministry of Water Resources.

The Red Chamber

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The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Water Resources, Dr. Musa Ibrahim, who stated this at the ongoing media week organised by the ministry in Abuja, said the bill was for the overall benefit of Nigerians.

Ibrahim, while pleading that the issue of the bill should not be politicised, added that the bill is consistent with Nigeria’s Constitution and the Land Use Act.

He said: “There is a major policy document that has been politicised by a certain group of people.

“These laws are Water Resources Act, Cap. W2 LFN 2004, the River Basin Development Authority Act, Cap R9 LFN 2004, the Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (Establishment) Act, Cap N1100A.LFN, 2004 and National Water Resources Institute Act, Cap N83 LFN 2004.

“These laws are being re-enacted with necessary modifications in the new to actualise current global trends and best practices in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).”

He recalled that the bill, drafted in 2006 had passed through series of consultations among stakeholders up to 2008.

Ibrahim explained that the bill was not a new law, saying it is an amalgamation of water resources laws which had been in existence as enshrined in Water Resources Act, Cap. W2 LFN 2004.