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My daughter can’t stand my partner

Dear Bunmi,

I was introduced to my current partner by a mutual friend two years ago.

I’m 45,I get on well with my boyfriend and we’ve now set a date to get married at the end of the year. I’d be blissfully happy if it wasn’t for my 24-year-old daughter who’s often quite nasty to him. She was like this as soon as she clamped eyes on him. She’s always been a daddy’s girl and she feels some misplaced sense of loyalty to her father.


My poor fiance bends over backwards to please her to no avail.

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By e-mail.

Dear Ore,

It’s a shame that your daughter is behaving this way. It’s not like it’s a whirlwind romance and you split from her father many years ago. And at 24, she should be more mature and happy that you’ve found someone to share your life with. She’s afraid of change and I feel that you may now need some proper help in getting to the bottom of it. I’m sure there must be some friends or relatives that could have a word with her.


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