By Dayo Adesulu

Experts have warned on the dangers of parents allowing children to  spend too much time on screen, adding that children who spend long hours watching  television or  using computers, tablets and smart phones are liable a long term negative impact. You will agree that screen time has become an inescapable reality of modern childhood, with children of every age spending long hours in front of screens, from televisions to computers, tablets and smart phones. Although spending time in front of screens can sometimes be positive  as children are able to access various educational apps that help stimulate their brains. Nonetheless, screen time has a long term negative impact on  children.

Speaking in this regard, Head of School at Greensprings School, Ikoyi Campus, Dolapo Fatoki, lamented that busy working mums sometimes leverage on technology to get a break from their children, by keeping them occupied with games on their phones or tablets.Fatoki who spoke to Vanguard, urged parents that rather than keeping children  busy with too much screen, parents should explore more creative ways to engage their children with physical activities. These, she noted, will help prevent them from having a sedentary lifestyle in future and ultimately lead to better health.She said: ”The period between birth and age three in medical terms is called the critical period, because the changes that happen in the brain during these tender years become the permanent foundation upon which all later brain function is built”.

According to her, the human brain within this period develops very quickly and is particularly sensitive to the environment around it.Enumerating some  consequences of screentime  on children, Fatoki said  research shows  that children who consistently spend more than four hours daily watching TV are more likely to be overweight. She added:  ‘’Kids who watch violent acts on TV are more likely to show aggressive behaviour and fear that the world is scary and that something bad will happen”

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