November 6, 2018

It’s unprofessional to see client’s nakedness- Massage Therapist, Oluyemisi Akinrinola

It’s unprofessional to see client’s nakedness- Massage Therapist, Oluyemisi Akinrinola

Oluyemisi Akinrinola

By Christopher Omotola

Nigerian professional beauty/massage therapist, Oluyemisi Akinrinola is not one of many beauty experts who would tolerate or encourage unethical services as a professional massage therapist.

Oluyemisi Akinrinola

According to Oluyemisi who recently opened a new Spa outlet which offer facials, body massage, body polish, waxing, eyelash extension, pedicure/manicure and salon services, a client’s nakedness should be highly respected because it is unethical to expose a client’s private parts.

“I’m a professional beauty/massage therapist trained to work on both male and female. If you are an expert you should be able to do both. As a massage therapist, you don’t expose your client’s body. It is only the part that you are massaging that should be exposed. You mustn’t see your client’s nakedness”, she said.

She admitted that there are Spas who offer extra services outside the normal body massage and beauty therapy but with the client’s consent.

“I know there are spas that do ‘happy hour’. After the massage they go into something else. If I’m to do massage for you, you must fill a client form. They equally ask you and when they find out you don’t do it, they leave.”

Speaking on how she intends to thrive with so much competition, she boasted that her expertise would give her an edge over her competitors

“Breaking into the market is easy for us because I am a trained beauty therapist. We have lots of spas around but I’m trained. I trained with a school in South Africa though they have a franchise open in Lekki. We are quite different from what is obtainable elsewhere, so breaking into the market is not an issue. We have our fan base already. We have social media accounts where people already know us.”

Speaking further, she explained why skin treatment is very important.

“Taking care of your skin is important. If you don’t do these things regularly you’ll age faster. There are durations for all these treatment, both as ladies and men. If you want a good skin you should take care of it and not compromise on it”, she concluded.