By Ifeanyi Okolie

A 21-year-old undergraduate of Federal University, Nasarawa, Miss Blessing Odama, has been arrested by the police for blackmailing several men at the Federal Capital Territory using their nude pictures.


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The 200 level student studying Philosophy at the institution was apprehended alongside her boyfriend, Ibarahim Danladi, also a student of the university, by operatives of the Inspector General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team, IRT, who trailed them to their hideout in Maraba area of Nasarawa State.

Police sources disclosed to Vanguard that, Odama and her boyfriend ran into trouble, after one of their victims, identified simply as Danti, paid the sum of N150,000 after being blackmailed and thereafter demanded an additional N300,000, threatening to kidnap the victim’s wife and children if he failed to comply.

The  terrified victim was said to have written a petition to the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris who then directed his operatives at the IRT headed by Abba Kyari, to go after the alleged blackmailers.

A source explained that the operatives urged the victim to play along and he was asked to lure Danladi who was the person communicating with him to come for the money he demanded. Danladi was said to have fallen for the trick and he directed the operatives to his hideout in Kubwa where he was arrested while the phone he was using for the blackmail was recovered from him with pictures of naked men found in it.

The source added that Danladi confessed during interrogation that his girlfriend, Odama, brought the nude pictures of the men and their phone numbers for them to blackmail and that he didn’t know how his girlfriend got the men’s nude picture but all he did was to buy a new sim card whenever she came with the pictures and the phone numbers of the men and he would start blackmailing them.

The source also said Danladi helped the police in arresting Odama, who confessed that she was forced to go into blackmailing men because she claimed men were wicked for promising to give her good money before having sex with her only to give her peanuts after they were done.

Her  confessions

Speaking with Vanguard, the Cross River State suspect said, “I am not a blackmailer neither am I a prostitute, I was just broke and I was looking for money. My boyfriend and I came to Abuja while our school was on holiday to look for money but things were looking too good for us, so I went into the streets of Abuja to see how I could help myself.

In one of such days, a man in a vehicle gave me a ride to Gwarimpa area and while in the vehicle he requested to know more about me and I told him who I was. I was then seriously broke and I needed to prepare for school resumption. He offered to assist me and took my phone number with a promise to call me.

Few days later he called and asked me to meet him in a hotel at Gariki area and when I got there we had sex after which he gave me N5000 but I told him that would not be enough because I would have to buy food stuffs and other items I would need in school. He said that was all he had. So, I took his picture while he was standing naked and later gave it to my boyfriend who contacted the man and demanded money from him threatening to upload it on the  Internet. The man ended up not paying any money to us.

“I also met one Gado at Wuse Zone two and we had sex. I told him that I needed money for school but he gave me just N4000. I took his photograph while he was naked and gave it to my boyfriend to blackmail  and extort money from him. I also blackmailed a man who offered to give me a job after sleeping with him.

He gave me his business card and asked that I should call him. When I did he invited me to a hotel and we had sex after which he gave me just N1000 and asked me to call him later for the job he promised. I took his photograph while he was naked and I sent it to my boyfriend who started blackmailing the man threatening to publish it online. The man called his bluff and dared him to go ahead, then he stopped talking to the man.

“The one that landed us into trouble was that of a man named Danti who I met in an eatery at Jabi area of Abuja where we became friends and he later took me to a hotel at Lugbe area, where we had sex. I took his photograph after he finished taking his bath and he gave me N5000 after the whole show. I was angry because I was expecting him to give me more money. I then gave his nude picture to my boyfriend. This time we ran a search on him and found his wife and other family members on social media. Danladi then contacted him and threatened to send the picture to his wife.

Danladi also told him that he has his wife’s phone number and that of his friends and siblings. The man became worried and begged him not to do such and then paid us N150,000. Danladi and I spent the whole money. Danladi contacted the man again asking him to pay us additional N300,000 or we would kidnap his children after sending the pictures of his children in their school uniforms. The man pleaded that he shouldn’t do such a thing and that he would look for the money. But while we were waiting the man brought police to arrest us”.

On his part, 28-year-old Danladi, who is a native Kogi state said; “it was all my girlfriend’s idea, she brought the pictures to me and said she wanted to blackmail and extort money from the victims. I didn’t know them before, she was the person who gave me their phone numbers. She said they all used and dumped her and she wanted to take back her pound of flesh. I am not into blackmailing people, she lured me into it”.

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