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His Word, an assurance of your miracle

By Funmi Komolafe

Habakkuk chapter 2 verses  2 & 3 is where we begin today’s edition of Joyful homes.

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It states, “ And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry”.

This is a conversation of God and prophet Habakkuk.  We shall return to this Holy Bible passage later in this article.

Our focus here is verse 3 “ For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, ……”.

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Brethren, did you hear about a great miracle of God to a couple about a week ago?    I am making reference to the couple that God gave a baby boy after about  years of waiting.   The couple, are both professionals indeed the father of the baby Professor  Otubosin is 72 years old while the mother, Mrs. Jibola Otubosin is 67.  They can be described as the Abraham and Sarah of our time.  With this miracle, God has again proven to us all Christians or not that HE is the same, today, yesterday and forever.  HE changeth not.

It is for people waiting   on the Lord that Joyful homes was introduced essentially to keep hope and faith alive.

While not rewriting this story, we’ll make reference to certain key issues that couples in a similar condition must hold on to.   I am therefore not going to write about what they must have gone through especially social pressure and several futile medical steps they had taken.   That   isn’t the focus right now.

The couple insisted that God had told them they would have a baby. The is the point.   Brethren, do you ever hear from God?   If you do, maintain your relationship with God that never fails. If you don’t, strive to move close to HIM to hear the still small voice.  Once you hear the voice of God, be sure that he will do what he has said.  The problem with many of us is that we don’t understand that God will do it at his own time.

Not only that, the father of the baby said according to a post of Face Book ,  God told him the baby would be born in October and also gave a name yet they waited for about 40 years.  Hear the mother, , “ What I didn’t know was that I would have to wait for 40 years”.  Brethren, that child is destined for greatness.  God said it and he did it.

How long have you been waiting, and you are beginning to think God has forgotten you.  With the story of Professor and Mrs. Otubusin, you know that God has not forgotten you.

For someone in this condition, before this year, ends in the name of Jesus, you too will hear the voice of God that will usher in your miracle.

Mrs. Otubusin who had all along been praying said, “ initially, I didn’t believe I was pregnant, but when scan showed activities in my womb, my joy was fullest”.

She also said whenever people reminded her of her state of childlessness, “ I would just go back home and pray “.  She also said,  “ I think it’s better when people are negative because it’s an opportunity to draw you closer to God. But when you get angry in your heart and you keep malice, it makes the results of your expectations to never come”. Note her reaction to mockers.

See what she said of her husband’s attitude during the period of waiting, “ But what helped me is my husband’s faithfulness and support, as well as my own positive attitude”.  Note the words “ faithfulness and support”.   As a man, how are your handling challenges in your home.  Child bearing or not?   Search yourself, are you faithful, are you supportive or you have decided to betray?   The story of this couple should teach you us  a few lessons on how to handle challenges such as this.

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Mrs. Jibola  Otubusin isn’t just a nurse by profession, she remains a Christian. Despite the challenges, she remained steadfast.

She has a message for women in similar circumstances, “ So, my message to women in similar circumstances is that they should hold on.  They shouldn’t go about visiting herbalists and taking concoctions because they want to have a baby.  That was the decision I took right from time.  There were suggestions that I should visit herbalists, but I didn’t give in.  You don’t know what concoctions you would take and would spoil your womb.  The best thing is to be patient until one’s time”.

Let’s take a look at what happened when the break through came.

She said, “ Those who have given me negative names then have been calling to  congratulate me since I gave birth. I have been shedding tears of joy”.

Brethren, are you still saying how can this be a miracle when she  had IVF.  Then, I ask, how many people are bold enough to go for IVF at that age?  What kept her going was her faith in God.

Besides, why is it that younger women go through the IVF process without success?  Why did hers succeed?  It succeeded because God has promised and he did it.   God can use any method to bring his word to fulfillment.   Your duty is to remain focused, believe his word and it sill come to pass.

Brethren, the problem with many of us is that when we are confronted with challenges of life, we are not patient enough.  Faith must come with patience.

My late father in law of blessed memory was fond of saying, “ one cannot be said to have excess of patience, what we can have is inadequacy of it ”.

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The story of the Otubusins  is a lesson for us all that patience is not an exclusive virtue for women.  All of us, men and women need to learn to be patient.  We must trust God with patience and the knowledge that God does things at his own time.

This is the reason we have often said on this page that being alive is a miracle.  God kept the couple alive because he is certain that their miracle will manifest.

Has God spoken to you?  Be patient, be faithful and your testimony will arrive.

I can imagine someone saying, they are too old, how old will the baby be before they pass on.   Brethren, perish such thoughts.  Were Abraham and Sarah not old?   Didn’t Abraham live to see Isaac marry? Entertain no fears.  God’s miracle is always complete.  God that gave the couple the baby in their old age will see them nurture the child to adulthood and they will see his   children in Jesus name.

The message here is simple.  Upgrade your Christian life to hear from God. No Pastor can do this for you.   You have to take a decision to establish a relationship with God and then you can hear from him.

Has God spoken to you directly or through a word of knowledge from your Pastor? Then believe His Word, remind him of his word while praying.

You cannot afford to succumb to challenges.  To do so, is to underrate the awesome power of the Most High God.

Brethren, I don’t know what you are passing through but the story of the couple should assure you that God has not forgotten you.

From the story of the couple, you should know how to deal with provocations from mockers.

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Very soon, the LORD will shut the mouth of your mockers and they will be struggling to congratulate you.

Next week,  precisely, Nov. 11, Laughter Foundation International Ministry has a special programmed for women trusting God for the fruit of the womb.

Find time to attend the programme and   other such programmes.

May the Lord bless our efforts   this new month and always in Jesus name.

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