Americans, like so many people around the world, are reluctant to haggle when it comes to striking a better deal on a major purchase. But having the courage to haggle could save you a ton of money on unnecessary interest rates and charges. For instance, did you know that following the right car buying strategies can help you save on your next car purchase?

Possibly, the single most expensive purchase you will ever make is buying a home and paying off the mortgage. For it may take the better part of your working life to do so.

Shop around for better deals from various lenders. Use the information you collect to visit other lenders, and ask if they can offer you a better interest rate. You don’t have to stick to the interest previously quoted rate. If you have good credit, or a large down- payment, you are handsomely equipped to negotiate a better interest rate for your house.

You could be in for a pleasant surprise, because some lenders may even waive or reduce closing cost and administrative fees for application and origination costs.

Did you actually know that there are things in life you are able to haggle on? If you can, then why not go for it? The worst thing that could happen is they say no.

And if the answer is in fact no, try the next outlet until you are satisfied with an answer. It is even possible for you to get better quality, and a lower rate at the same time!

Here are the four costs that are worth negotiating for.

  1. Fees and rates on credit cards

If you have a credit or debit card, it can be hard to get it under control if it has a high- interest rate. If you find yourself in a bit of a pickle with repayments, there is something you can actually try.

Call the credit company and tell them you wish to transfer your balance over to a lower interest rate plan. Most of the time, to keep you from leaving, they will be happy to give you a lower rate. When you are buying something large, most retailers will offer interest- free periods. This means you can buy the item, take it home, and have a designated amount of time before you need to start paying for its interest. Isn’t that interesting?

  1. Rent

A rather large joy killer in life is rent. It is very hard to negotiate a lower rent payment. However, it is not impossible. If you are after such, you may always offer to sign a longer lease. Offering work, such as, mowing their lawn, or offering to pay a few months in advance (if your budget allows it), is also a possibility. Whatever you do, the goal is to get a lower rent payment because this is for the average person in UK 25% or more of your income.

  1. Discounts and coupons

If you are at a shop and see something for sale that was cheaper at another place, most shops will price match if you ask. You can look for things like display items (which may be already discounted), and if you ask the manager to lower it a little more, they may if you will pay with cash. Always negotiate for add-ons. If you are buying a computer, try and haggle to get some accessories cheaper. Try it with printers, or even software items.

If you see an item that is chipped or damaged, you can ask for a discount, as damaged goods cannot be sold full price. If it is something minor, you can fix it yourself. Why not get it cheaper and then fix it up?

Always look for free shipping codes when shopping online. Sometimes they are not always advertised. If there is an online chat, or email, contact them and ask if there are any discounts for shipping. Most times, if you are buying a few items, they are happy to lower the shipping price. The beauty is that you only have to ask, and you may be saving a lot ever than you ever was possible.

  1. Property

If you are buying a piece of property, it may be possible to haggle the price. If the agent has an asking price of $320,000, don’t just accept that price, ask to see if you can get it for less. It is often that people are going for a quick sale, so instead of waiting around for someone willing to pay the asking price, they will often sell it for what you have offered. Especially if you are pa ying all in cash.

So then…

There are many things you can get for cheaper prices. These are four of which have taken the front row. Whatever you are buying, it is always good to have the mindset that you can get the same quality at a lower cost. What are some things you have bartered for in the past? Have you ever bartered for anything? Let us know in the comment section below!

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