By Olu George

They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world”- thus saith the Lord in JOHN 17:16. BUT ADULTERERS AND ADULTERESSES WHO ARE IN FRIENDSHIP WITH THE WORLD ARE THE ENEMIES OF GOD, as written in JAMES 4:4.

As Christians, we have been chosen out of the world by Jesus Christ, therefore, we are not of the world, and that is why we are hated by the world-JOHN 15:19. Everything in the world, is nothing but the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, which are the three major idols of this present world. These fleshly lusts war against the soul- 1 PETER 2:11.

Many believers in Christ today, have entangled themselves so much with the world and all its ungodly and worldly celebrations, such as Birthday, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Valentine Day, which are not of God, but of the devil, who is the prince of this world.

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All these ungodly celebrations, were not observed in the early militant church, which Christ left behind! For example, the two birthday celebrations, mentioned in the bible, were by King Pharaoh and King Herod, who were pagans-GENESIS 40:20,22; MARK 6:21,27.

The words, “Valentine” and “Christmas” cannot be found in the bible. Therefore, Valentine and Christmas have nothing to do with the Christian faith.

Valentine is simply an erotic passion and lusts amongst “lovers,” inspired by the devil, to gratify their fleshly lusts and carnality! And many women are so obsessed with Valentine’s day, so much so that, they get depressed, if their husbands or lovers do not present to them “gifts” on Valentine’s Day. THE AUTHOR OF ALL UNGODLY AND WORLDLY CELEBRATIONS IS THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS, MENTIONED IN REVELATION 17:5. And these festivities or celebrations are meant to enrich the merchants of the mother of harlots, through the buying and selling during these festive seasons-VERSE 15.

The word Easter, which is pronounced Ishtar, in the Chaldean language, is the goddess of queen of heaven, which is called Ashtaroth. This Ishtar or Ashtaroth, was the object of worship in ancient Babylon, even before Christ was born! Peter was arrested by King Herod, and put in prison, intending to bring him forth, after Easter (Ishtar),  to the people, who were celebrating it, under the reign of King Herod. This pagan festival of Easter/Ishtar incidentally co-incided with the days of unleavened bread, which were, the Jews’ Passover, observed yearly by the Jews, as commanded by Moses.

The anger of God was kindled against the children of Israel, when they worshipped this goddess, known as Ashtaroth (Easter) and Baal the sun-god, as written in JUDGES 2:13-14, and I quote, “And they forsook the Lord and worshipped Baal and Ashtaroth. And the anger of the Lord was hot against Israel, and He delivered them into the hands of spoilers that spoiled them, and He sold them into the hands of their enemies round about, so that they could not any longer stand before their enemies.”

The command of God to all believers in Christ, to come out of the world, and its ungodly festivities and worldly celebrations, is to deliver them from the captivity of Satan, who is the prince of this world, and from the captivity of Mother of harlots-REVELATION 18:4-5. And if we must be the sons and daughters of God, then we must obey this call and come out, even as the Lord God commanded in 2 CORINTHIANS 6:17-18.

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Ministers of God must have this spiritual understanding of the truth that the word, CHURCH is from a Greek word known as EKKLESIA, which simply means AN ASSEMBLY OF PEOPLE THAT ARE CALLED OUT OF THE WORLD. Any assembly of “people of God”, who refuse to come out of the world, IS NOT A CHURCH, but a harlots’ house made up of an assembly of adulterers and adulteresses, who are burning incense to the “gods” of this world, that is, the “god” of fleshly lusts  and  pride of life. Surfeiting, drinking and dancing are the characteristic features of all these ungodly festivities and worldly celebrations, which are idolatrous. Christians are warned not to be like these idolaters, as written in 1 CORINTHIANS 10:7.

*George is of CHRISTIAN GOSPEL CHURCH (The Truth Centre).


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