By Victor Arjiromanus

The immediate need to channel the nation’s resources towards the development of Nigerian youths to transform them into agents of positive change was echoed recently at the just concluded ‘Stake Holders Christian Summit’ in Lagos.

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Dignitaries at the event

As a way of making a positive impact in the lives of Nigeria youths, the National President, Christian Student Movement of Nigeria (SCM) Evang. Onyemobi Oguazi,, called on the Federal Government, Churches and business community to channel the resources of the country towards the development of  Nigerian youths..

Speaking to guests and students at the symposium, Oguazi said ‘The summit came as a burden in the hearts of many who asked what shall be done for the youths of Nigeria? We all know the youths are backbone of every society, and any society where the backbone is strong and healthy, that society will be active. When you see a society that has a crooked backbone, what will you expect?

The Bible says if the foundation should be destroyed, what can the righteous do? God is calling us today in this summit, to crack a great nut in this country. What shall be done to our young generation? We know that the youths are 50 percent of the entire populace and the youths we should also know, possess the greatest potentials of strength, intellect, stamina and creativity.

‘In any society, where you have encouraged and inspired youths, you will see that the society will be progressive, active and healthy. But, where you have the same group of people, pushed back, regressed, marginalized and neglected, what do you expect; the society becomes retarded, and moribund. That is what is happening in our nation. We have a nation where the resources can be properly channeled and preserved for the future, but it is being squandered by corrupt, heartless people, who fix themselves at the corridors of power and will never let go, and who are doing nothing to prepare and preserve the great future of the nation.

We as Student Christian Movement have come together and we are calling the church, because it is the moral base of any society, together with the government and business community, to come let us reason together and deal with this problems, because if we don’t, we will watch our children swept away by the evil wind of change. The SCM has come to make a positive change.’

Adding his voice to the call for youth development, Director General, Institute for National Transformation, Prof. Vincent Anigbogu said; ‘Youth development is a must, if we don’t develop the youths now, they will use their raw energy to destroy the society. So, you must harness that energy and channel it positively now.

‘Also, we must do that if we understand time and seasons. Nigeria populations’ is projected to reach 250million by the year 2050, adding no less than 189million people between now and 2050.   Therefore, to survive this population explosion, our economic growth, must outpace our population growth. In such situation, investment in the youths who are the future is important.’


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