November 8, 2018

Beans peeler invented by Nigerian shines at trade fair

A beans peeling machine, LACHI Beans Peeler, invented by a Nigerian, Mr. Lanre Aluko, continued to receive accolades at the ongoing Lagos International Trade Fair, as visitors and exhibitors to the fair besieged the stand to see the wonders of the invention.

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The compact and portable machine saves time, effort, promotes eating fresh, making it possible to make healthful meals stress free.

Showing how the device works, Managing Director of LACHI Nigeria Limited, Mr. Aluko said: ‘’Now, no one has reason or excuse not to eat safely. The stone Age era of peeling beans manually is over.Even God recommends the consumption of beans in various forms including using it to make bread. To have the best texture, you need to peel the beans.

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‘’The revolutionary beans peeling machine is useful to peel soya beans to make tempeh, tofu and soymilk; to peel lentils for dahi, lentil soup; to peel chickpeas (garbanzo beans) to make hummus; to peel brown and black-eye beans to make moimoi, akara (bean cake), gbegiri (bean soup) and  to peel locust beans forIru (dawa dawa).’’