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Barriers to healthy local church

By Dr. Francis Akin-John

The local church is where every believer must congregate, fellowship and assemble for nurt-uring, edification and min-istry. Healthy local church-es must display the foll-owing traits:

  1. Right kind of leaders – Acts 1:15-16
  2. House of prayers – Acts 1:14

iii. Power and presence of the Holy Spirit – Acts 2:1-4

  1. Relevant outreach – Acts 2:5-8
  2. Employ every mem-ber’s gifts – Acts 2:18,21
  3. Be devoted to God’s word – Acts 2:14-40, 42

vii. Love each other deeply – Acts 2:42

viii. Worship with joy and truth – Acts 2:46-47

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  1. Impacting and chan-ging the culture – Acts 2:40
  2. Sacrificial lifestyle – Acts 2:44-45

xi.Healthy administrat-ion – Acts 6:1-7

xii. Unity of spirit in wor-ship and service – Acts 2:42-47

xiii. Reach the commun-ity with good image – Acts 2:46

These are traits of a healthy local church. This is the Being of the church —what the church must be in every locality. As we plant churches and Pastor local churches in every community of our world, this is the scriptural qual-ities that every local chur-ch must possess.

  1. 15 major barriers to church health–Acts 13:6-12

Barriers are obstacles, hindrances, obstructions and termites that eat away at the spiritual hea-lth of local churches. They are our Doings of the church. They are the way modern pastors and preachers have chosen to do, handle, lead and run their local churches, which have invariably brought various kinds of sicknesses and diseases to body of Christ today.

  1. Scandalous Pastors:

Ignorant, incompetent, immoral, stagnant, unav-ailable and thieving pas-tors have ruined and con-tinued to ruin the viability of local churches.

  1. Constant Change of Pastors:
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Constant, shopping and transfereing of pastors have brought malfunct-ioning to many local chur-ches.

  1. Power Brokers In Control:

The usurpation of auth-ority by Deacons, Elders, Boards, Trustees, Com-mittees and Associates diminishes health of local churches.

  1. Deviation Into Errors and Abuses:

Moving away gradually from the centrality of Christ, the whole truth of His word into esoteric doctrines and practices will destroy the vitality of the local church.

  1. Lifeless Pulpit:

Once the pulpit has lost the fire of the Holy Spirit, becomes compromised, powerless, hates the whole truth of the Bible, then the church will gradually go down.

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