November 11, 2018

African Church primate identifies eight indicators of unhealthy church

By Sam Eyoboka

Primate of African Church of Nigeria, Dr Emmanuel Udofia, has urged Christians to always appraise themsel-ves towards moving the Church of Christ forward.

He gave the charge in a sermon titled, “Let us con-sider our ways,” preached to commemorate the 117th Founders celebrat-ion of The African Church in Lagos.

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Udofia identified eight indicators that show that all is not well with the church, namely: “When the labours of members are yielding less or no results spiritually and physically; when much is expected but little is realized; when expectations seem un-realizable; and when mem-bers find no joy in worsh-ipping or coming to chur-ch; and when youths do not find it joyous to worsh-ip with their parents.”

Other indicators, accord-ing to him include; “When deep concern and interest to render service to God is disappearing; when members have the great pleasure in coming to church late; and when members make the chur-ch a second choice.”

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For the church to move forward, he urged Christ-ians to urgently correct the anomalies listed abo-ve.

The Primate also seized the opportunity of the cel-ebration to ask the Fed-eral Government to provi-de an enabling environ-ment for businesses to thrive and local products and services could comp-ete favourably with foreign goods.

According to a statement issued by the church, Dr. Udofia also called on lead-ers, especially those who would be elected into poli-tical offices soon to make steady power supply a pri-ority.

He lamented that 58 years after independence, the country was still grappling with electricity supply.

“The African Church adm-onishes all those seeking political offices in 2019 to be ready to come to the election with clean hands and note that the votes of the people must count, to enable us to have a peac-eful polity,” he said.