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2019: Nigeria’s main problem is inequality – Presidential candidate

… as no President will restructure Nigeria

By Yinka Ajayi

The Presidential Candidate of Liberation Movement (LM) Dr. Kriz David has said that no President will restructure Nigeria as there is no unifying definition of restructuring.

The Presidential candidate who identified Nigeria’s main problem to be inequality reiterated the need for the nation to gets its core value right as restructuring will create more problem for Nigeria.

Kriz David

Speaking in Lagos, Dr. David said: “When a nation is built on inequality, such nation has a misplaced priority. Inequality is playing out in every sphere of our national lives. The first value of any nation that want to prosper is equality. For example; Some people accused president Muhamadu Buhari of surrounding himself with his families and in-laws, but former President Goodlock Jonathan administration, he was accused of surrounded himself with the likes of Desiani’s and others from Niger-Delta region.”

“If we don’t address the issue of inequality as a nation, we will remain in the system and with inequality, we have a systemic failure.”

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The Presidential Candidate (David) who holds a doctorate degree in Strategic Leadership outline his strategy in a book he titled: ‘Smart Government: The Preferred Future: Shaping The Nigerian Dream and the pathway to Prosperity’ stated: “ All nations are built upon a set of values. The choice of value system espoused in a nation is pivotal to the success of the failure of that nation or the prosperity or poverty of that nation… Every nation seeking sustainable prosperity must have a clearly defined “Article of Faith” because its set the sail for progress and prosperity for a nation.”

He said if he eventually win the 2019 presidential election; like Singapore first Prime Minister, Lee kuan Yew “ In 32days, I will organize a Truth and Reconciliation where our core values will be prioritized. No Nigerian President will ever restructure Nigeria because there is no unifying definition of restructuring. Restructuring is not a solution but will create problem for our nation. I have discussed with most Northern elders, and I find out that they will not accept any restructure.”

Dr. David further noted that the the insecurity in Nigeria is a conspiration of the political elite and the commercial gain.

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