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2019: ·It’s time to do away with vocational politicians – Kriz David

By Clifford Ndujihe

PRESIDENTIAL Candidate of the Liberation Movement, Dr. Kriz David, wants urgent change in the state of affairs of Nigeria, to save the country.

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According to him, Nigeria cannot afford to continue on the path she is trudging currently and must get a smart government that will not rule by guesswork in 2019.

Kriz David

Dr. David said he will run a smart government, if elected as president. He made the pledge while presenting his promissory note compiled in a book titled: ‘’Smart Government – The Preferred Future” to journalists, in Lagos.

Dr. Kriz David, a tax, financial and forensic expert as well as development economist, holds a doctorate degree in Strategic Leadership with speciality in Strategic foresight from Regent University, Virginia Beach, USA. He is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, an Associate of Certified Fraud Examiners and a member of the Association of Professional Futurists.

He stated that he is offering Nigerians ‘’smart government to shape the Nigerian Dream – a nation that offers her citizens a promise, and to get Nigerians ride progressively in the path of prosperity.”

He argued that insecurity, corruption, economic stagnation and other ills Nigeria is facing as a nation are merely ‘’symptomatic manifestations of the unaddressed faulty foundation” because ‘’nations are built on a set of values, which determine their prosperity or poverty.”

According to him, Nigeria’s root problem is inequality. ‘’Inequality is the fragile foundation upon which Nigeria is built; inequality in the entire design and framework of the nation’s reward system, administrative justice, access to opportunities, and all that defines nationhood. If the wrong value of inequality is not addressed, Nigeria will continue to be marooned in a cycle of failure and backwardness.”

In a document signed by the PRO Lagos State Chapter of the party, Mrs Kechiturukanma Mabogunje, the presidential candidate explained that ‘’Smart Government is a government that engages systems thinking to craft innovative policies and technologies that address our peculiar challenges in Nigeria. Smart Government is the preferred future that has eluded Nigerians in the past 58 years.”

Five unimpeachable steps

Dr David identified five five unimpeachable steps that Nigeria must take and genuinely follow through to become a truly great and prosperous nation.

The five steps are article of faith, rule of law, economic freedom, fair tax systems, and learning economy, which he said are not ‘’points agenda” but ‘’systems thinking processes that are interwoven.”

He noted that Nigeria as a nation has not only struggled to realize her potentials but alsois in search of her identity and place as a nation among nations of the world. He said leadership has not only failed in Nigeria, but also that Nigeria has failed as a nation owing to her low moral value quotient bedevilled by ethnic and tribal sentiments, religious bigotry and the quest for wealth at the expense of morality.

On this premise, he identified seven core virtues of equality, meritocracy, integrity, incorruptibility, diligence, excellence and abidance as the solid foundation for prosperity of a nation, and promised to engrave these virtues in the consciousness of the Nigerian system and Nigerians, if elected.

His words: “If elected as the president of Nigeria in 2019, I will not be engaging in guess work because I already have a blue print in my book: ‘Smart Government – The preferred future,’ which was borne out of my curiosity to understand why some nations are prosperous and others, are not. Nigeria is in a dire situation. Therefore it requires experts, not vocational politicians to save our dear nation.”

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