October 14, 2018

Would you date your best friend’s younger brother?

Anjola and her friend Nikki are in their late 40s and, a couple of years ago, they both resolved to revamp their lives so they could enjoy life to the max.

They’d both been divorced and part of their enjoyment strategy was to target younger men.  Men who are adventurous, who would appreciate the technique of an older woman!

“As a result, we were always seductively dressed when we went out either for a casual party or the so-called `Owambe’ ones””, said Anjola.  “Our make-ups were almost professional too.  Ok, maybe if you looked closely, you could see the tiny wrinkles around the eyes, but over-all we managed to look foxy!  And all around us was our poor, unsuspecting prey-young, gorgeous men.

“We belong to a reputable social club and make sure the hefty subscription fees were paid. The club is a fertile ground for young executives whose companies had just paid their membership fees.  You see them wide-eyed, taking in their new environment and wanting to test the waters, and we wee always around to give them a helping hand they’re often grateful for.

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Nikki and I had been friends since secondary school. We’d married young, had kids hoping to settle down. But often, I’d spend my nights stuck at home after work with my husband, watching him sit in front of the telly, demanding his dinner.

“With all my patience and efforts to make the marriage work, my husband had been the one to leave me with three kids. By this time, they were all at their various universities. Nikki too was in the same boat and we made up our minds to recapture our youth and that’s what we did, left, right and centre.

Every Friday when the club brings in a live band, we would be on the prowl for those young executives. Who wanted men with bald patches and beer guts when you could have a six-packer?  We’d had enough of dull men and wanted sex with no strings.  And we often got it. The next day, we would be happy mums again dressed in Mumsy clothes.

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“We were gloating over our conquests one afternoon when Nikki told me that her youngest brother was coming home. She’d raised him when their parents died and he’d gone abroad to study.  He was a pimply boy who was often hanging around us.  Now he was coming back, hoping to live with Nikki while he got himself together.

She was really excited at seeing him again but I wasn’t. How could we have fun if Nikki was going to kick back into anxious big sis mode?  For the next few days, it was ‘Ike this’ and ‘Ike that’, until the day I popped round after work to find he’d arrived.

“Nikki yelled for him to come out of the guest room and I almost chocked on my drink when I saw him. The pimply boy I remembered was now broad shoulders, manly too. He was one of the best looking men I’d seen.  His voice was really deep. Whenever we took him to the club with us, I’d catch him looking at me. I tried not to lust after him. This was Nikki’s brother, a no-go area. Then a few months after he’d got back, I went round to Nikki’s and Ike opened the door.  “Sis is out”, he said. `Why don’t you join me for a drink?’

He was towering above me as he led me in and the attraction was electric!  Suddenly, his hands wee around my waist.  `I’ve always fancied you’, he growled, trying to plant a kiss.  `Hey, hold it! We can’t’, I said but his lips met mine and we fell on the settee, pulling at each other’s clothes. We made love there and then.

“When it was over, shame washed all over me. `Oh my God, I swore inwardly.  `What have I done?’  But then Ike was saying he’d lusted after me when he was a teenager, had wet dreams about me. `I’m the same age as your big sister’, I reminded him. `

Girls my age are vacuous’, he said.  `You’re so easy to talk to’.  With that he led me to his bedroom and we slipped into his bed to make love again. And though I knew it was wrong, that my friend would be disgusted when she found out, I couldn’t stop. Something was happening between us. Something I hadn’t felt in years. I was falling in love and so was he.

“A few weeks later, Nikki came round to my place, distraught.  `It is Ike, she said.  `He’s been having it away with some middle-aged trollop. Just an old tart by all accounts. I ran into one of his friends and he confided in me that Ike told him he was in love with a woman in her 40’s. He swore me to secrecy, so I can’t confront him.

I’ve asked him to look out in case he sees him with this woman so we know who the bloody cradle-snatcher is. I’d like to give he a piece of my mind’.

“I tried to reason with her. I reminded her she’d been out with younger men herself. But she wouldn’t have any of that.  `

Not now the younger man was her kid-brother.  “When I told Ike, he knew straight away who let the cat out of the bag and he’d only confided in just one friend.  Only now, we have to guard against being seen in public in case I risk losing Nikki’s friendship forever. So now, we pretend we mean nothing to each other when we’re in front of her, only for him to race back to mine so we could make passionate love.

Sadly, Nikki’s gone off young man and couldn’t really ask why I’m no longer keen on going to the club to pull men. Unfortunately, we can’t rule out her no finding out. Until I reach the crossroads where I decided who to go with – best friend or lover – I intend to enjoy this relationship for as long as it lasts …”