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Man’s prank to sell girlfriend on eBay results in $119,000 bid

A British man has gone viral after a prank went wrong — and ended with an eBay bidding war for his girlfriend.

After his girlfriend, Kelly Greaves, played a joke on him, Dale Leeks could think of only one thing: getting even.

eBay later removed the man’s prank post due to its violation of their body parts and human remains policy (Photo via Facebook)

Arriving home from a horse riding shop one afternoon, the Londoner told CTV News he “wanted to have a laugh” at his girlfriend’s expense.

“You know what? I’m gonna sell her,” he said.

Listing Greaves as a “miniature collectible” on eBay, he described her similarly to a used car, including details of a “constant whining noise” and “a leaky rear,” he included a disclaimer: “no serious damage but you can see she’s been used.”

He shared the ad with Greaves and the two “had a laugh” about it — but neither was expecting what came next.

A bidding war began/ Leeks said his phone wouldn’t stop buzzing from interested eBay purchasers.

“I thought, ‘Oh no, what have I done?’,” he said.

Dale Leeks said on his social media: “Ermm 1 day on eBay and I’m getting messages from around the world.

I only done it as a joke but she’s up to 52 thousand pound now I’m definitely selling. The messages are the best ”

With interest coming from Europe, United States and Australia, within 24 hours, the highest bid was at $119,000.

With more than 81,000 views, the post was eventually removed by eBay due to infringing their policy against selling body parts and remains.

“They told me I couldn’t sell a human being,” he said. 

While the inquiries related to the post were questionable with some asking to “test drive” his girlfriend, Leeks said he hadn’t expected the response the ad received.

“‘I’m not going to lie, I would have been quite sad to see you go, but it wouldn’t have been so sad ‘cause I would have been crying in my Ferrari or my Lamborghini’,” he told his girlfriend.

As for retaliation, Leeks has been left unscathed — for now.

“This hasn’t backfired. Yet. But we’ll wait and see.”
Here were some comments from other people on the topic…are these comments funny and light hearted because it was all a ‘joke’? Or do these reflect the mentalities of how certain people are still viewing women?

“Jon: Does she take it in the can?”
“Lastgunslinger: I’d buy that for a dollar!”
“Joel: Surprised he didn’t list her as an “automatic sandwich maker”
“Raphael: condition: used”
“Michael: Imagine that. They both have a sense of humor. In America, we would have people screaming and protesting.”
“MDNG43: I’d give you 10 dollars to take mine from me”
“scott23: My girlfriend would have contacted the seller, took the money and left me….”
“Warren: I’m more interested in a rental.”
“Lech8: too many miles on her for that price”
“Phillip58: Has she been rear-ended?”
“Grind House51: looks worse that “slightly used””
“vexter44: isn’t that human trafficking?”
“win45: He has a very low opinion of her and that’s not funny. Her lack of self-esteem is an issue for me. She should leave him ASAP.”
“Flowerball1: Lovely. I’m sure that isn’t the last joke he’ll have at her expense. Thinly veiled hostility.”
“Gene30: Ya I’m sure he’s a real prize”
“Steve16: E-Bay is supposed to BLOCK any such sale Item such as a Human as A JOKE or NOT..
“LeChaton7 : Sure seems kind of pricey for that particular model year. Newer models … with a LOT less wear and tear … go for less.”
“Horror of Yig41: Sweater hams are too small and she’s too long in the tooth for that kind of money.”


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