By Adetutu Adesoji

Born Antonette Munirat Lecky, former Big Brother Naija, Double Wahala housemate popularly known as Anto has been having it good ever since she was thrusted into spotlight by the widely acclaimed reality show.


Steadily climbing the social ladder while learning to manage her new status, the sports enthusiast who took part in the third season of the show in search of a life changing platform, is our Star Tracker as she shares her passions, projects and life after Big Brother. Excerpts…

Do you have fond memories of the Big Brother house?

Actually I don’t. I’ve put the House behind me. I used it for a platform and have gotten what I needed from it. What sticks out the most to me was my return after my eviction. But to sit down and recount things that happened in the house … I usually don’t remember unless someone brings it up.

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Do you have any regrets participating in the show?

No regrets at all. I went on the show for a platform that would change my life positively and it has.

You acted in a stage play, ‘Official Couple’, what was the experience like?

The experience was amazing. It was my first professional acting role, so I was pretty nervous. But I appreciate Chuks D General for believing in me. We had a great director who coached me and a hilarious supporting cast of other comedians that made the role “easier” than expected. Everyone keeps saying I shocked them the most, because they didn’t expect me to perform so well.

Will you consider acting fully?

I am actually in two movies that will be released early next year, I believe. Acting has been amazing so far, and I hope for more roles that will force me to break out of my usual self. But I also don’t want to “steal” roles from natural born thespians.

What are your passions?

Eating and sleeping. But honestly, I do love traveling, exploring new cultures especially through food. I’m a lover of sports. I am a proponent for education, especially of the girl-child and healthcare (access to it and understanding of issues we believe don’t “affect” us like mental health).

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What projects are you working on?

I recently launched a luxury hair care line alongside Taries Hair Builder. All of my life people have told me they liked my hair, and I like my hair too. So I want people to start their journey of embracing their hair and liking it too. I’m very excited about the project. I have a few other tricks up my sleeve, but you have to wait and see.

How will you describe life after Big Brother?

CRAZY! When at the airport, I try to be low-key but people still come up to me saying “You can’t hide.” I’m still learning to be a “celebrity”, whatever that means. But the ride has been fun, despite some bumps. The love and support has been empowering and the hate and criticism has been motivational, honestly. Everyone keeps me going; I want to make my supporters proud and prove the naysayers wrong.

What has changed about you now that you are famous?

I am now a public figure, people know who I am. I’m a little more cautious about things I say and do, but I haven’t changed much. I think that’s why the people who love me still do. I’m still the same ol’ G. I do realize that people see me as a role model, so I take that into consideration. I also preach being yourself – your real self is what will make people love and support you.

What was the most shocking thing you discovered on getting out of the house?

People really spent and are still spending millions of Naira on their favorite housemates.

What are the lessons you took away from the show?

You can become friends with people of different ages, backgrounds, genders, religions, if you give them a chance. But most importantly, every move is a business move, whether you realize it or not. Things will always haunt you, personally and professionally, so just be steadfast in whatever you are doing, and be ready for the ride.

How will you describe the aftermath of the BBN Show, considering the drama surrounding some of the former housemates?

The drama surrounding housemates is driven by fans. I don’t think we’ve seen or heard any housemate say anything negative about another housemate since being out of the house. It’s all social media frenzy. Social media is keeping the BBN Show live 24/7, just that instead of being on television, it’s now on Instagram. In due time I hope people will realize housemates are trying to live their best lives and make the most out of this opportunity.

Were you in a relationship before Big Brother?

No, I was single before the show.

What is your relationship with Lolu like?

Lolu is one of my closest friends. We talk about everything, personal and professional.

How would you describe your personality?

In the words of Cardi B, I’m just a regular ‘degular’ girl. I am pretty laid back. I’m reserved most times, but can be very outgoing when I need to be.

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