By Juliet Umeh

The internet is one of the fastest growing areas of technical infrastructure development today, information and communication technology, ICT, is omnipresent and the trend towards digitization is growing.

However, the growth of the information society is accompanied by new and serious threats popularly known as cybercrime

Cybercrime encompasses any criminal act dealing with computers and networks. Unfortunately, many still fall victim of cybercrimes due to inability to identify them.

Anyone using the internet should exercise the following basic precautions:

*Use a full-service internet security suite

For instance,  Norton Security  provides real-time protection against existing and emerging malware including ransomware and viruses, and helps protect your private and financial information when you go online.

*Use strong passwords

Don’t repeat your passwords on different sites, and change your passwords regularly. Make them complex. That means using a combination of at least 10 letters, numbers, and symbols.

*Keep your software updated

This is especially important with your operating systems and internet security software. Cybercriminals frequently use known exploits, or flaws, in your software to gain access to your system. Patching those exploits and flaws can make it less likely that you’ll become a cybercrime target.

*Manage your social media settings

Keep your personal and private information locked down.  Social engineering  cybercriminals can often get your personal information with just a few data points, so the less you share publicly, the better.

*Strengthen your  home network

It’s a good idea to start with a strong encryption password as well as a virtual private network.

* Talk to your children about the internet

You can teach your kids about acceptable use of the internet without shutting down communication channels. Make sure they know that they can come to you if they’re experiencing any kind of online harassment, or  bullying.

*Take measures to help protect yourself against identity theft.

Identity theft occurs when someone wrongfully obtains your personal data in a way that involves fraud or deception, typically for economic gain. How? You might be tricked into giving personal information over the internet, for instance, or a thief might steal your mail to access account information.


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