By Dr. Francis Akin-John

The number one desire and command of God for believers is growth. Every believer must grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. (II Peter 3:18). However, I am aware that most churches have majority of one of these persons.

Baby believers are those who just got saved, come to the Lord, fresh in their faith and are young beli-evers who are just now le-arning how to walk with Christ. Believers who are babies, on the other ha-nd, are usually longer te-rm believers who refuse to grow up in the Lord, who still behave in child-ish, immature, carnal ways and who don’t act like mature believers. Here are some of the diff-erences I see:

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  1. Baby believers are hun-gry for God and the un-diluted word of God; be-lievers who are babies think they already know enough of the Word of God.
  2. Baby believers are tea-chable and have a lear-ning spirit; believers who are babies are full of themselves, arguing and angry when they are not allowed to teach.
  3. Baby believers tell oth-ers about Jesus; believ-ers who are babies tell ot-hers about themselves.
  4. Baby believ-ers cry when they’re hurt because they don’t under-stand; belie-vers who are babies whi-ne when they don’t get their way.
  5. Baby believers look up to Jesus and their spirit-ual leaders; believers who are babies doesn’t look up to Jesus, but men.
  6. Baby believers admit they don’t know many things; believers who are babies tend to pretend and argue rather than admit their ignorance.
  7. Baby believers rejoice when others do well; be-lievers who are babies get jealous of those who do well.
  8. Baby believers tend to shy away from the lime-light; believers who are babies expect attention.
  9. Baby believers struggle with sin, but they resist and fight it; believers who are babies make excuses for their sin.
  10. Baby believers tend to be joyful, no matter what happens; believers who are babies tend to be an-gry and unpleasant—no matter what happens.
  11. Baby Believer’s place high value on their spirit-ual life; believers who are babies are more secular and worldly minded.
  12. Baby believers maint-ain a private life of devot-ion to the Lord everyday; Believers who are babies neglects their devotional life with Jesus because of rat race of life.

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