By Dr. Francis Akin-John

  1. Baby believers don’t allow anything to come between them and the Lord; believers who are babies keep malice, hurts and bitterness within them for months, years!
  2. 3 robbery suspects burnt in A-Ibom
  3. Baby believers seek to be heavenly minded; be-lievers who are babies only seek to be entert-ained by preachers and entertainers.
  4. Baby believers seek to be channels of God’s po-wer to others; believers who are babies only seek after signs, wonders and miracles from anybody, anywhere.

Whoever you are, you are either a baby believer or believer who is a baby. You are either growing in the Lord or stagnant in your walk with Him. It’s your responsibility to grow and improve in the Lord. If not, you’ll remain a baby believer whose heaven is in jeopardy. For it is only growing, matur-ing believers that will make heaven.

2019 presidency: I did not endorse Atiku — OYEDEPO

One major purpose of local gathering of believ-ers is to help everyone to grow in the Lord and things of eternal value. Pastors must grow and help believers to grow in the Lord, else we are fail-ing Him.

Happily, you can start growing afresh today by returning to your first love in the Lord. The coming New Year is ano-ther opport-unity to start growing anew in the Lord.

Barriers to healthy local church  

Generally speaking, there are too many small, sick, struggling and stag-nant local churches in every community of the world. The statistics are not encouraging either as 85 per cent of local chur-ches are not scripturally healthy in their communi-ties. One major reason for this is because most conferences, seminars, teachings and preaching about church growth fail to differentiate between Being of the church and Doing of the church.

Actually, there is a world of difference between Being and Doing church. When we fail to know what Being the church is, our Doing of the church will be abysmally wrong (I Timothy 3:14-15). Being of the church is what the scripture says, while do-ing of the church is how to of human efforts. It is the ‘how to’ of doing churches that has led to many barriers that eat away at the health of local churches.

  1. Mandate of healthy local churches–Acts 9:31; 2:41-46; 15:41; 16:5

These scriptures are clear that God wants His churches to be in every locality of the world and be healthy there.


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