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Residents suggest ways to check flooding in Aba

Three poles deep water pits, alleged cause of flooding in  Ikot Akpan Abia community



By Eric Ugbor

ABA- RESIDENTS of Aba the commercial nerve city of Abia state have called on the state government to provide more refuse buckets in the city to curtail indiscriminate refuse dumping in order to reduce street flooding after rains.

The residents who spoke to Vanguard in separate interviews said that proper management of waste will reduce flooding in the city.

Teddy Johnson, a driver noted that the Okezie Ikpeazu administration has worked harder than its predecessors to build roads with drainages in Aba yet the city still face flooding problems.

He said the reason was that some residents and traders empty their refuse in the drainages in the city which blocks them and results in flooding after rains.

He therefore suggested that the government should check clogged drains resulting in flooding through proper waste management.

Johnson said that Aba residents go through great stress to reach Abia State Environmental Protection Agency (ASEPA) refuse buckets in Aba because they are few.

He said that the long distances discourage children who are sent most times to throw away refuse from reaching the spots hence they pour it into gutters resulting in blocked drainages.

He urged government to improve waste management by sending ASEPA to collect refuse from house to house in the city in order to check indiscriminate refuse dumping and flooding of streets after rains.

Chief Richard Kalu said government has been trying to put the city in order but noted that it needs to give its contract works to professionals in all areas.

He said poor quality construction work in some areas were responsible for clogged drainages which induce flooding in Aba.

He further called on the government to use a special task force to check indiscriminate refuse dumping if it must contain street flooding in Aba.

Tony Onyebuchi said that residents were contributing to clogged drains in Aba resulting in flooding of streets through emptying their refuse in drainages.

He therefore called on the government to provide waste buckets for all residents and monitor and enforce the use of such with a special task force to ensure compliance.

“One single measure will not stop flooding in Aba because it is caused by many factors and it is by attending to these different factors that street flooding could be properly controlled in Aba.

“And government and the people can solve this problem if they join hands”, he said

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