Former Coordinator of Buhari Vanguard in Ondo State and the Press Secretary to the senator representing Ondo North senatorial district, Prof. Ajayi Boroffice, Mr. Kayode Fakuyi in a chat with Vanguard newspaper, declared that the State Working Committee (SWC) of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State cannot gag the utterances of Senator Ajayi Boroffice.

Recently, the State Working Committee (SWC) of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State warned Senator Ajayi Boroffice over his utterances on party affairs in the State, what is the reaction of senator?

Well, as a matter of policy, the senator does not join issues with organs of the party, particularly any organ that is undergoing test of legitimacy in court. The legitimacy of that committee is shaky and wobbly.

Personally, I believe the warning was misplaced. There was no need for it. The committee also went overboard with the mention of sanction. Sanction who? It is laughable.

The committee said the comments were unjustifiable. Are they in any position to evaluate or grade the opinion of a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? They can’t restrain him. They can’t gag his utterances. He will continue to freely air his opinions on issues of National importance and party politics.

Does it mean you do not recognize the Ade Adetimehin-led SWC as the leadership of APC in Ondo State?

Well, I must acknowledge that there is no vacuum. I cannot also shy away from realities. Just recently, I read the position of the Mr Idowu Otetubi-led faction on direct primary. We are all aware of a pending court case at the Federal High Court in Abuja. The SWC has k-leg. That is what we call Genu Valgum in orthopaedics. The deformity is clear. I am hopeful the court will determine the legitimate leadership of the party. The court will either straighten the K-leg or cut it off. What if the court sacks the SWC tomorrow?

But for me, that is not the main focus for now. Irrespective of the issues, we are all members of the same party. We need to work together for the success of APC in 2019.

The SWC accused Senator Boroffice of promoting division in the party, what is your reaction?

The accusation is baseless. He only called for peace and party cohesion. The other issue is that senator declared open support for direct primaries and the SWC is angry about that.

Just few days after his declaration, the National Executive Committee (NEC) of our party adopted it for all levels. It is now confirmed, direct primaries will hold in Ondo.

About division, they are the people causing division in the party.  I have noticed a trend. For every comment of Senator Boroffice, the SWC will react with two or more different, disjointed and conflicting press statements from two different spokesmen. What clearer evidence of disunity and confusion does anyone need than this? Those are the people stabbing the image of our party with the disunity that exist within the SWC. The image is bleeding heavily.

Senator Boroffice has suffered great disrespect from them. We decided to maintain decorum in the interest of the party. We won’t descend into the gutter with them. They are mere tools of political interests so I deeply understand their fears.

What is the chance of Senator Boroffice in his re-election bid?

Very bright. Senator is running on a record of performance. He has done so much to accelerate development in Ondo North. Perhaps, he is the only senator in Nigeria that has achievements in all the wards. I am ready to take you round the 72 wards in Ondo North. Just recently, National Science Laboratory was established in Akungba. We have Regional Headquarters for Nigerian Institute of Leather and Science Research in Ondo North.

There is Bio-resources Development Centre in Iwaro. He has facilitated the construction of Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Centre’s in Oka, Ifon and Ikaram. He has built hospital, many schools and other physical projects.

The people will vote for continuity. Senator Boroffice is still the best man for the job.

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