September 16, 2018

My plans for Kebbi If elected governor in 2019 – Ibrahim Mera

My plans for Kebbi If elected governor in 2019 – Ibrahim Mera

Ibrahim Mera

Prince Ibrahim Mera has stated that if elected governor of Kebbi state in 2019, he will salvage the state from the stranglehold of  misrule, mis-governance, maladministration and the general lack of direction of the administration in the state.

The All Progressive Congress (APC) governorship hopeful stated this while addressing supporters and party leaders at the APC national secretariat recently after obtaining his expression of interest and nomination forms.

Ibrahim Mera

He told the enthusiastic crowd that he decided to enter politics to answer the clarion call to help salvage the state from the stranglehold of misrule, mis-governance, maladministration and the general lack of direction of the administration in the State.

According to him, “the fundamental duties and responsibilities of government and the local government service system had virtually collapsed in the critical sectors of education, public health, job creation, youth development, care for women and the disabled as well as assistance to senior citizens and traditional rulers.”

The Ciroma Kebbi told his supporters that he voluntarily retired from active service upon attaining the highest professional rank and position of Deputy Comptroller General in his career in the Nigeria Customs Service to be able to offer the state and its good people his skills, sacrifice and services in order to urgently erase the present ugly fortunes of Kebbi state.

He contended that there was nothing equitable about people’s living standards in a state like Kebbi which is fondly called the ‘State of Equity,’ explaining that he decided to enter politics fundamentally to intervene in the quest to arrest the appalling affairs in the state which he said had manifested in the lack of job opportunities for the critical mass of jobless youths in the state.

The intervention, he noted, would renew youths’ confidence as a pragmatic means of salvaging their future and inspiring greater hope in the generations yet unborn.

He further disclosed that as a public policy specialist of many years’ hands-on experience, he would devise practical ways of developing critical infrastructure, modernize agriculture, recalibrate dormant productive sectors as well as diversify the state’s local economy towards increasing general productivity.

Emphasizing that human resource is the most important asset capable of creating sustainable progress and lasting results, he promised to adopt inclusiveness as a state policy to enable his administration to unleash the latent potentials of the people in the development agenda of the state.

He also promised to create equal and equitable opportunities for the people of the state in order to meaningfully engage them in various areas of human endeavour of their choices

He said he will give adequate patronage to traditional rulers in Kebbi to enable them to contribute meaningfully to the progress of the state due to their unique position as the closest link to the people.

“Respected elders and scholars will also be given due recognition to lead a crusade to re-enact and restore our society’s core values,” he added.

As a fulfilled and proud product of the civil service from where he voluntarily retired with full benefits and privileges, the former Deputy Controller General of Customs  pledged to revisit the Kebbi’s civil service system with a view to revamping and enabling it to play its traditional role as the catalyst and engine of growth and development in the state.