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Mr Biggs opens new shop in Ibadan

By Princewill Ekwujuru

United African Com-pany, UAC quick Service Restaurant, QSR, Mr Biggs has opened a new shop at Challenge, Ibadan.

UAC Restaurant’s Marketing Director, Mrs. Joan Ihekwaba, at the unveiling said the Challenge branch of Mr. Biggs in Ibadan, adds to the growing list of the re-branded Mr. Biggs and this was to ensure that its leading role  in the fast restaurant business is sustained.

“The birth of this iconic brand has opened up opportunities for the teeming population of Challenge and beyond to enjoy the vast array of meals rooted in the rich heritage of the Mr Biggs’ brand,” she said.

“As a proven leader in innovation, Mr Biggs has set the pace again in responding to consumers’ needs in whatever sphere of life, and this one in Challenge is in the middle of birthing this new concept,” she added.

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