September 21, 2018

Jim Iyke : controversies of nollywood bad boy

Jim Iyke : controversies of nollywood bad boy

Jim Iyke

By Benjamin Njoku

He’s popularly called Nollywood bad boy, and his actions say it all. Jim Iyke came into limelight riding on the crest of controversy. In fact, since he came into prominence in 2001, featuring in over 20 films, Jim Iyke has always been in the news for the wrong reasons.

After his alleged beef with Emeka Ike, another controversial actor over an actress in 2008, and the grave allegation levelled against him by actress, Ini Edo’s ex-husband’s former wife, Ruth Okoro that he wanted to date her following his desperation to have an American green card, Jim Iyke has not stayed out of controversy.

The actor’s controversial lifestyle has continued to reek to high heavens and he’s not giving a damn. Yet , the Enugu State-born actor is largely considered as one of Nigeria’s finest actors who has not allowed his lifestyle to overwhelm his acting career.

But whichever way you want to look at it, Jim Iyke’s name is synonymous with controversy. His recent arrest at the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos, for allegedly slapping a Dana Airline worker, only reminds one of the adage that ‘a leopard hardly changes its spots.’

Jim Iyke

As usual, Jim Iyke made headlines in some national dailies, and despite his efforts to refute the report, it’s only natural that the actor’s fans would prefer to believe lies than to take sides with him. He received an endless amount of backlash on social media for the alleged action. He later apologized to the management of the Airline. But interestingly, Jim Iyke is one that cannot be tamed or ignored even as he can drum up controversy at the slightest provocation.

The bad boy actor is not a stranger to controversy. Fans are still buzzing about his widely publicized break up with his Jamaican girlfriend, Keturah Hamilton. Between 2009 and 2014, Jim Iyke was over the moon following Keturah’s love for him. In one of his interviews then, Jim Iyke revealed that he was trying to show the world the real him, aside from what they see on the screens. “Yes, it is true. I have found the woman of my dreams and we are in love in totality. She is the embodiment of all that I have been looking for – a tall, pretty, exotic and supremely intelligent woman,” he was quoted as saying.

However, soon after the Nollywood bad boy made this open declaration of love for the Jamaican damsel, he broke her heart without repairs.  The aggressive actor reportedly fought the Jamaican model and actress in public following allegations of flirting with other girls. He was filmed in a public, where he was having verbal fight with the model who accused him