The role of Africans in the development of global knowledge economy has been growing progressively. Scholars of Nigerian decent especially have continued to break new grounds in academic disciplines and output across universities in the globe.

They increasingly graduate with the best grade while those employed in universities outside Nigeria continue to attain extra-ordinary records in their research profile and innovations.

It should be stated that even the Nigerian scholars domiciled within the country have also continued to break the bondage of under-funding as well as difficult working environment to travel abroad and advertise their scholarly output.

These men and women save their meagre salary to fund themselves as there are minimal financial grants and funding for scholarship and conferences abroad, except the over-stretched TETFund.  Consequently, those scholars who have found their way to Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, UK, USA, and Canada as well as very recently, Saudi Arabia, China and Malaysia etc for self-funded academic programs need to be encouraged.

It would be stated that scholars abroad should continue to form alliances and networks with those within the country to ensure that their intellectual output receives global visibility.

It is in line with such diaspora-domestic initiative that Professor Victor Ojakorotu of the School of Government Studies, North West University, South Africa initiated partnership with Havilah Glo marketing PTY to convene an international Conference at University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa entitled Re-diagnosing Africa’s Development and Security Problems in the ‘Different’ World from 25-27 September, 2018.

He has also planned to bring such partnership home as he has also co-convened another conference in University of Lagos, Nigeria in November, 2018. These conferences will continue to investigate into the dynamics of African problems and assemble African-based scholars to proffer solutions to the myriads of challenges that have undermined the transformation of the continent from multi-disciplinary point of view.

Finally, there is need for other scholars of Nigerian descent to initiate academic programs that will promote their networking with Nigeria domestic-based scholars in order to increasingly advance the overall position of Nigeria in the fast changing dynamics of knowledge economy.

Professor Victor Ojakorotu

[email protected]


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