September 29, 2018

I love like a fool when in love – Bukky Olaoluwakiitan

I love like a fool when in love  –  Bukky Olaoluwakiitan

Up and coming Yoruba actress, Bukky Olaoluwakiitan, has confessed in a chat with Potpourri why she doesn’t want to be involved in any love affair any time soon. According to her, her career is the paramount preoccupation of her heart as she is poised to be the best in the trade.

“I’m more focused on my career right now, I don’t want to be distracted,” she said when asked if she’s in a romantic relationship presently.

“Don’t get me wrong, I need a man, no doubt, but I don’t want to put that in my head right now and forget other things. I am a lover girl, I love like a fool when I’m in love. When I’m in love I always want to please my man and displease myself. Even when I want to take decisions I always ask my man first, which always affect me in the end when we break up,” she added.

Bukky may be the next biggest thing in the industry going by how fast she’s rising in the rank and file. Barely in the industry for one year, she has snapped up more than 30  roles. She may not have acted in the lead roles but she’s definitely not out of demand.

“Ever since I started I have been moving from one location to another. It has been the grace of God, because I have not been having much sleep. I hardly sleep at home. I have not played a lead role but I have sub-lead roles and I am working on my own production already.  I just unveiled my label called ‘Kiitanb Visuals’  watch out, I have lots to offer”, she said.

Like some new generation of Yoruba actors, Bukky, didn’t pass through the apprenticeship system that used to be the norm in the Youba sector of Nollywood. She didn’t train under the tutelage of a master or belonged to a drama group or caucus.