September 18, 2018

Family of policewoman that stabbed hubby opens up She’s been victim of abusive marriage

Family of policewoman that stabbed hubby opens up She’s been victim of abusive marriage

National Police Cap

By Esther Onyegbula

The family of Folake Ogunbodade, the female Police sergeant who reportedly attacked her husband, Taiwo Ogunbodade, on Saturday night, has said she did it in self-defence.

Her younger brother, Olumide, who spoke to Vanguard yesterday, said: “My sister has been suffering the worst form of domestic violence from her husband, Taiwo. In the past 11 years, my sister has been subjected to the highest form of domestic violence because of her children.

“She has three children— aged 10, seven and four— for Taiwo. The battering started immediately she got pregnant for her first child. He beats her at every slight provocation, even while she is pregnant. Each time she felt threatened, she takes her children and ran to our family house.

“But he comes to take the children back home, insisting that his kids cannot be raised outside his home. He then leaves them at home, when going out.

“Each time Folake gets worried about the welfare of her children and goes to check on them, she feels terrible that her kids are not having the motherly love they deserve.

“Her husband will then give her the condition that if she wants to be seeing the children, she has to stay with him. He uses the children to blackmail her into continuing to live in an abusive marriage. Taiwo feels our family isn’t known or powerful so he takes advantage of that to torture my sister.

“Usually, when there is a misunderstanding between them, she runs for her life because of his violent nature. Once he is drunk, he comes home and attacks his wife, accuse her of unnecessary things.

“Sometimes he beats the children and when she attempts to protect them, he beats her up. Sometimes, he beats her up because of her salary. He demands her entire salary from her. If she refuses, he gets drunk and beats her up.”

‘Why she attacked him’

On last Saturday’s incident, Olumide said: “On that particular day, when my sister ran to our family house, he came and took the children like he normally does.

“When she came back from work and discovered that he took them home, she called and the children complained that they haven’t eaten and that their father went to bed immediately they got home.

“That was why she went back home that Saturday evening. When she got home, the landlord intervened, saying their troubles were getting out of hand and that henceforth, he would not allow both of them to live under same roof to avoid them killing each other.

“He said one of them have to leave otherwise he will eject both of them. After deliberations, Taiwo agreed to leave the house because of the children. Later at about 10p.m., he called his wife that he is coming home, that he cannot leave his children in the hands of anybody.

“To avoid trouble, his wife and children pretended they were sleeping. Despite the fact that they left the door open, he broke the door and in the process, hit his son’s head.

“They later got into an argument and he cut her in the face and neck. In self-defence, she attacked him too so that he could release her. Because of the injury, she was rushed to the hospital that night and discharged the next day.

“It was on Sunday that we found out that Taiwo and his family members have posted her pictures on social media, saying she attacked her husband. Her colleagues were calling her to find out what happened.

“She and her husband lives at Meiran, while she usually take refuge in our family house at Abeokuta Road, Sasha, Lagos. Novelty Hospital was where she was rushed to.

“Her husband’s families aren’t straightforward. She has gone to them to complain several times about his behaviours.

“Taiwo is a very dangerous man. He is a threat to everyone around him. He doesn’t care about his children seeing him beat up their mother.”