By Ola Ajayi, Ibadan

The joy that follows the birth of a new baby is sometimes indescribable.   So, it was a bundle of joy when Mrs Rashidat Yusuf was delivered of a set of twins on September 19, 2009. The birth of the twin boys came with some complications. Consequently, the first child was not born until after four days of agonizing labour. But a test by the doctor revealed that another child was still in the uterus.

*Critically ill Kehinde (right) and his twin brother Taiwo


To prevent further difficulties, the doctor told the husband that his wife had to undergo Caesarean operation for the delivery of the second baby. But the surgery was never carried out because the baby came out after some hours.

The two babies were growing normally like other babies.

When they were six months old, however, the parents noticed that one of them, Kehinde, could not sit or crawl like his twin brother, Taiwo. Each time they tried to make him sit, he would fall. Since they could not fathom what the issue was, they went to the General Hospital, Iseyin where a doctor reportedly diagnosed the boy of having hernia. So, the baby went through surgery.

But the surgery did not help as the problem continued. In 2010, Mr and Mrs Yusuf had to seek further medical assistance at Ado Awaye General Hospital. The baby was said to be stooling and vomiting. The doctor told the parents that Kehinde needed a drip.

The doctor, after searching for veins through which the drip could be administered, was said to have searched for veins in the baby’s head. This, according to the parents, who claimed to have spent everything they had looking for cure for their baby’s ailment, was the beginning of their nightmare.

After the drip, they noticed that the head of baby Kehinde was swelling and this forced them to move from one hospital to another. In one of the hospitals, a test conducted was said to have showed that Kehinde was down with hydrocephalus and would require an ETV operation estimated to cost N623, 000. The money, they lamented, went down the drain as the operation did not improve the baby’s situation.

Confused about what else to do, they tried a traditional option at Awojobi Trado-medical Hospital where they were given a referral letter to the University College Hospital, Ibadan, UCH. At the UCH, there was a report where the doctor wrote that the baby could not sit or crawl and the neck not stable.

Another test by a consultant, Dr A.O Adeleye, revealed that he was diagnosed of Thril ventriculostomy for post meningitic hydrocephalus. At first, the parents said they paid N625, 000 and a surgery was performed on him.

Mr Yusuf, who has been running from pillar to post and sold his television and other electrical appliances to enable him settle the costly hospital bills, said, “They gave us some time to come back after the surgery at UCH. But, when we got back there, the workers were on strike and when we eventually saw the doctors attending to us, they told us that the place they had intended to carry out the surgery had blocked and we had to pay another money”.

Desperate to ensure the boy regained his health, they still opted to do it but the strike disallowed them. This compelled them to try the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital where they got another bill of N625, 000. However, there is a glitter of hope for the critically ill Kehinde because he can now eat, talk and respond to stimuli unlike before. But, at age 9, when his twin brother, Taiwo, runs about and does things unassisted, Kehinde cannot sit or crawl. His neck is also not stable.

“We are begging public-spirited people to come to our aid. We are supposed to go to hospital on Monday where the next treatment that would lead to his total recovery begins, but we don’t have anything again. We have been told to bring N560, 000 and other things. So, we need about N1million to put smiles on the face of Kehinde. We need help. We have suffered so much; we cannot give up at this stage”, the father of the boy said.

Kind-hearted people who want to help the boy can contribute through account, Guarantee Trust Bank, Kehinde Abdur Raheem Yusuf, 0151945965 or reach the parents on telephone number 08039406868.


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