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2019: Anglican Communion women, archbishop, back likes of Durotoye

By Ebun Sessou, Tade Oluwapelu & Opeyemi Abdullahi

…want women to “braze up” for coming polls

Archbishop, Ecclesiastical Province Lagos and Bishop of Remo, Most Reverend Olusina Fape, has called on women especially in the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion to be more actively involved in politics especially in the forth coming general elections.

He made the call in the just concluded 6th  Annual Convention, Lagos West, while calling on them to braze up politically as the world evolve around them.

Speaking on the programme, Bishop Fape maintained that, the theme, “Prepare Unto Good Work”, was timing adding that it was avenue to charge the women to be dedicated and shun any form of ungodliness in the country.

According to him, “The Anglican Christian Fellowship is a formidable organisation within the Anglican church. It is an avenue to capture the youths to be good soldiers of God and ensure that the church brings more souls to the kingdom of God.

He noted that the 6th  edition is a call for members to be dedicated to good works, shun anything that has to do with the kingdom of darkness as well as a challenge to all the members to show forth the light as agents of light.

He maintained that the theme is a wake-up call for the Christians especially women to know that administration of the country is a good work and it takes people with the mind of God to go into it and effect positive changes.

On the essence of the communion in preparing for the forthcoming election, he said, “The Anglican church has a prophetic role within the polity of the nation. It is a church that came to this country since 1842, therefore, it has something to do by way of advancing the kingdom of God.

“At a time like this, it is a call to all and sundry in the country that there is nothing we want to do without the knowledge and the input of God.

“As Christians, we have to fight corruption,we have to demonstrate that Nigeria is one of the countries, God is interested in. Nigerians especially women must ensure that they have their PVC so as to vote and bring in the righteous leaders.

“When you put politics in the hands of dirty people, the result is what we are experiencing today. Things can never be good because the good ones are not in charge”, he said.

On the wake-up call for women in the Anglican communion, he said, the church has been sensitizing the women in all the Anglican Communion in Nigeria to be active in the politics of Nigeria especially the forthcoming general elections.

“The Anglican church is not big for nothing, we also have fundamental role to play, prophetic voice to tell the nation, that Nigeria must move in the way of God and those who have the mind of God must be elected to their respective positions either as President, National Assembly members , Governors, House of Representatives as well as House of Assembly members to be able to speak as agents of light to banish the work of darkness in our country, the church especially the women in the Anglican communion in Nigeria must be encouraged to participate in the political affairs of the nation.

“We cannot continue to leave politics in the hands of riff-raffs otherwise it will portend doom for this country, we won’t leave it in the hands of hooligans again to rule us, and that is what we are doing right now. We are sensitizing our members especially the women to be actively involved in politics. The educated, enlightened, intelligent and God-fearing ones should come out and take positions in the affairs of the nation. When you are there, you can speak as a child of God”, he maintained.

Meanwhile, the Rt. Reverend Olusola Odedeji, The Diocesan Bishop of Lagos West, agreed that all Nigerians especially the Anglican members should be sensitive to the happenings around and ensure positive change in the forthcoming general elections.

Also, the National President of the Anglican Christian Fellowship, Mr. Henshaw Adetoye, in his address said, the theme of the convention would help the country if the right people are put in power.

“Good work means something that will be beneficial for the country, right now, our leaders are selfish and they are only after they pockets. Our hope is that the convention would help the country at large.

“Our plan is that the Anglican women should be part of politics in Nigeria. Right now, we 55 percent of women who are involved in passive politics because they do not have the political will to rule, therefore, they withdraw from active politics not knowing they are powerful game changers”, he said.

Miss Adeosun Favour, Coordinator for the Youngsters and one of the participants at the programme who spoke on the preparation of the youths to take active roles during the forthcoming elections, said, “We have been organising seminars for women and the youths in sensitising them on the forthcoming general elections.

“As youngsters, we want change in the country ,we don’t want any how people to come and rule us in the country,we also have the likes Fela Durotoye, who are representing the youths.

“It is not a bad idea if we have a youth as the president in our country because,when you look at the life of Barrack Obama among others, my belief is that we should stop parading old people as president of Nigeria.

Our women have strong will and influence on their children and that is why we are encouraging and sensitising them on social media to join the youths workforce and effect positive change in the country.

Mrs Toun Onakoya, the Chapter President of the Women wing, Lagos Mainland, said, presently the women are engaged because they are in various offices and we are working harder to make sure that the percentage of women increase. We have a forum called, “Sisters Seminar Forum”, it is an avenue to empower women in all areas as well as take relevant positions in the country”, she said.

Mrs Biobele Adebule, Chapter President of the Women wing, Ibadan, Oyo state, challenged the women to come into positions of authority. “What a man can do a woman can do better. It is my prayer that Nigerians would vote for a female president in the forthcoming elections.

It is time to stop all the pride, envy and hatred for women and we should support each other so that we can achieve our goals. There is nothing impossible with God.


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