There are many reasons couples are killing themselves. The reasons are lack of understanding, impatience, lack of self-control, lack of trust, and some wives are not contented.
Most couples don’t put God in their families. Only a few understand themselves, have self-control, trust, and true love. Couples should always be contented.
Mrs. Mfom Owonieudoh, Teacher

Increase in cases of couples killing themselves is something to really look into. No nation can develop without stable families.
Before anyone marries, the person should do his home work. People should study their partners. A failed relationship is better than a failed marriage.
Someone cannot just wake up one day and kill a person he or she professed to love. It takes a long process.
I think couples should open up to themselves and be quick to forgive each other.
No one should resort to killing.
Mr. Sola Matthew Author

This is pathetic and it is becoming a recurring decimal in our society. I think societal pressure on unmarried people should be dropped.
Women stay in abusive marriages because of the stigma associated with divorce.
We should encourage those who want to get married to study themselves before getting married. No one should advise anyone to stay in an abusive marriage. Many people can’t cope due to economic hardship.
Some are temperamental while others are just wicked.
Mrs. Josie Mudasiru  Consultant

Stories of couples killing themselves abound. The reason for this is that people are paranoid and they take it into their marriages. Spouses should learn to play the fool if they are desirous of successful marriages. There must be tolerance. They should know that playing the fool doesn’t make one a fool. Couples should give God a place in their homes.

Mr.Adeniyi Adeloye Journalist

People can easily quit a relationship when they are not married. Any failed relationship would not have made a good marriage. Those, who get married despite the warning signs in their relationships, end up regretting. It is not difficult to know an affair that will lead to a happy marriage. A man, who did not act well while in a relationship, will hardly change.
Mrs. Stephanie Izamojie, Businesswoman

There was nothing like love in any union that results in death. Do you know the strength it takes to kill a loved one? Most of these relationships end up like that because of lack of communication and trust. Someone can only kill his spouse when he marries a wrong person he is not compatible with. Listening to third parties destroys marriages. Greed is also one of the factors responsible.

Mr. Emmanuel Idemudia, National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, member

By Bose Adelaja, Ebun Sessou, Abasifiok Johnson & Opara Victoria


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