August 30, 2018

Serena v Venus – episode 30: Who’s saying what

Serena v Venus – episode 30: Who’s saying what

Venus and sister Serena

Venus and sister Serena

Who’s saying what as Serena and Venus Williams meet for the 30th time on Friday at the US Open:

“I think both of them are great athletes. I think they both move extremely well. Obviously Serena’s got a great serve, they both hit the ball big from the back of the court. They’re both fantastic athletes. They’re still moving extremely well. Maybe not as well as they were a few years ago, but they’re still two of the best movers on the tour. Venus covers a lot of ground. She has very, very long strides. Serena is sort of a very strong, powerful mover.

“It’s incredible what they’ve done. I mean, amazing really. Obviously there’s been other siblings that have had fantastic careers in tennis, but none anywhere close to what they’ve managed to achieve. I’d be surprised if anything like that ever happens again.”

“I think everybody loves to watch them playing each other. They create a special atmosphere every time. When I was kid, I loved to watch both of them playing for the finals of Grand Slams. The good thing is nobody knows who’s going to win. Now they are both trying to play her best again, and could be interesting match to watch.”

“Well, I think it will be a great match. They are great competitors and they always play really hard against each other. Obviously, it’s tough to play your sibling, so that’s an added element. I think they have always played really good matches and super competitive.”

“Definitely I’m going to watch this match. It’s a big clash of two legends. I have lots of respect for both of them. And when they are playing against each other, it’s always very entertaining, great passion, they both bring their best. I always, always try to watch those kind of matches, because it gives you this extra motivation to work harder and to reach your goals. Serena, after having a child, and Venus, playing for so many years in such a high level, it’s very rare that you can see that in sports. That’s why I’m very lucky to play in the same time as they are.”

“It’s going to be exciting for the fans. I’m sure they (Serena and Venus) will hate it but I think it’s going to be beautiful for tennis. They are such different individuals and such different characters on the court.”