By Kabiru Muhammad Gwangwazo

Now that the season of migration is on us, we have seen how the dry harvest in the last three years is forcing politicians to seek pasture in fields they hope there will be enough greenery for them to partake of and dispense as is usual in the business of governance.


For those who affect the deceptively holier-than-thou attitude to politics and governance of Adams Oshiomhole, new national chairman of ruling APC, the politicians should simply remain wherever they are, whether or not there is pasture for them and their supporters. In this season, Kano faces exciting times. RIPPLES this morning had the good fortune of plotting a free ride for an interesting article on camping and decamping from political parties, and on the State of the State since 1999.

Malam Abdullah Musa Abdullah wrote in on it. He titled his write-up: “KANO: ENTER THE THREE WITCHES!”. He is concerned, like most Kanawa (Kano people), that Kano has been juggled by three gladiators who have kept switching their preferences since 1999. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, now Senator, was Governor of the State with Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje as his deputy.

From 2003, up to 2011, Sardaunan Kano, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau was Governor while Kwankwaso was Minister from 2003 to 2007. From 2011 to 2015 Kwankwaso was again Governor with Ganduje as his deputy. During the period of Kwankwaso’s second term, Shekarau was in his turn minister representing Kano. Now, Ganduje is Governor and Kwankwaso Senator while Shekarau is waiting in the wings for whatever.

As Ganduje and Kwankwaso have since 2015 been at war while Shekarau and Kwankwaso were not on the same page or same party, now Shekarau and Kwankwaso are back in the same party awaiting permutations ahead of 2019. All this, in supposedly sophisticated Kano, made up of progressive and other politicians.

On the matter of these three gladiators, Kwankwaso, Ganduje and Shekarau, Abdullah Musa Abdullah, a versatile writer and public affairs commentator wrote in. With a prayer, the piece will be seen for what it is as a fair comment from a concerned and committed Kano patriot saying things that need to be said.

Now to the full rendition of Malam Abdullah Musa’s: “KANO, ENTER THE THREE WITCHES!”.

“The phrase, ( sentence if you prefer) in quotes above is from a book by Shakespeare. (Macbeth?)

“Do not ask me the details, I have not read it. One thing I know, it was an introduction to a scene.

“The Witches said: When shall we three meet again

“In thunder, lightening or in rain

“When……. ( forgot this line)

“When the battle is lost and won.

“But I am not analysing Shakespeare’s plays. My interest is politics. But why the Witches?

“Because in many societies witches are believed to exist. They thus are well-known products. But, they are usually treacherous, mischievous. Whatever good they do, it will ultimately turn out to be bad.

“Three people have held Kano’s politics by the jugular since 1999. They are: Kwankwaso, Shekarau, and Ganduje in that order.

“Viewed another way, Ganduje was cloned from Kwankwaso. But has he grown wings!

“Kwankwaso served two staggered terms. Shekarau served eight years straight.

“Ganduje is aiming for Shekarau’s record, he is now about to complete first term.

“Shekarau (a Buhari creation) contested for the presidency of Nigeria on the plartform of ANPP. Contesting on his CPC’s platform, Buhari floored Shekarau even in Kano State.

“Kwankwaso contested against Buhari for APC’s presidential nomination.  Buhari defeated him, Kwankwaso defeated Atiku.

“Towards 2019, Kwankwaso has dumped APC, probably for two reasons: It is shown by body language that APC intends to field Buhari.

“What is worse, in Kano state, APC re-affirmed that Ganduje is the leader of the party.

“Kwankwaso is expected to accept his former underling as his superior. Ganduje’s deputy, Hafiz was nominated or imposed by Kwankwaso. He has now fallen out with Ganduje, retraced his steps back to Kwankwaso ( that is if he ever left).

“Latest newspaper reports suggest that Ganduje is wooing Shekarau back to APC, with offer to him to nominate a new Deputy Governor. (Hafiz is going to be advised to either resign or be impeached)

“We wait to see whether the Obasanjo versus Atiku type of boxing match will be re-enacted in Kano.

“But what is happening between the three principal ‘Witches’ is not my interest here.

“My interest is: from 2019 onwards, where does Kano go, development wise? Neither Kwankwaso nor Shekarau will ever be Kano state’s governor again under the present constitution.

“So their interest is installation of a stooge…..with possibility of determining for as long as they are alive, who becomes governor in Kano.

“Those who eat from the palms of Kwankwaso or Shekarau would be happy with such an arrangement. But their palms are not big enough to accomodate millions of Kano state citizens.

“What of Ganduje? My view is that Ganduje has no direction, nor inner propulsion. If anything propels him, it is the desire to equal Kwankwaso’s political record.

“It is his right, but I also have the right to reject him. Kano has numerous challenges. In fact Kano is specially challenged. It needs genuine change of focus which only government will provide.

“Shekarau, a retired civil servant, wanted Kano state government to keep shouldering his burden as first class citizen for the rest of his life: he built a palace for himself from government’s treasury, he wants government to maintain it for him, to feed him, feed his horses, buy him bullet proof SUVs every four years, paid annual leave, free medical care…..

“Even HIV virus will not be this destructive on Kano populace.

“But this is democracy.

“Shekarau proposed this law, then House of Assembly rubber-stamped it for him…. And the sheep he ruled over continued eating husk.

“We will do our best to convince Kano people to try something new.

“After more than 50 years on the throne, when he died, none of the children of Dr Ado Bayero succeeded him.

“If monarchy can accept a fresh face, why not politics?

“When Goodluck visited Kano for a party function and Kwankwaso was an APC governor….. Kwankwaso staged a sweeping exercise of the venue the PDPians ‘polluted’.

“And today, after Kwankwaso returned again to PDP, members of Kwankwasiyya movement gathered to burn the brooms!

“Don’t you feel pity for some people’s lack of inner compass?”

This is vintage ABDULLAH MUSA ABDULLAH in his Thursday 26 JULY, 2018 epistle sent to my email. And I like it for its aptness. I doubt if anyone can put it forth any better.

What sayest thou Kano?


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