August 5, 2018

Ozubulu moves to abolish burial fees – Aghaonu, Town Union chair

Ozubulu moves to abolish burial fees  – Aghaonu, Town Union chair


Mr. Chris Aghaonu is the Chairman of Ozubulu Development Union, Lagos Branch. In this interview, Agbaonu speaks on his plans for the union among other issues.

On Ozubulu town


I am a lawyer and an ardent promoter of the Ozubulu culture.  I was born and brought up in Ozubulu before going to Christ the King College (CKC Onitsha), Lagos State University and Nigerian Law School. Ozubulu town migrated from Ubulu Uku in present day Delta State to Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Four villages make up Ozubulu: Amakwa, Egbema, Eziora and Nza. The four villages celebrate different festivals before the new yam festival. Amakwa celebrates Ima Ota traditional festival in form of get-together with traditional masquerades, drummers entertaining the people. Egbema also celebrates Ima Ota festival. For Eziora, it is Iku Izu traditional festival with youths engaging in the Egede dance and moving from house to house from evening till midnight.

Peace-loving people

For Nza, Ima Oku festival is a period villagers come together to enjoy themselves with good food, music and masquerades between July and August to herald the new yam festival in September.

Our people are peace-loving and welcome visitors. Occupation includes farming, trading, civil service, etc. Ozubulu natives are very religious and have produced two bishops and several priests.

Emergence as Chairman

The chairmanship is rotational among the four villages of Ozubulu. This is the turn of Eziora where I hail from. Some people supported my candidature while others opposed it. We went for the election and I won. My first task as Chairman was to reconcile with everyone; the election is over, it is time to move Ozubulu forward. I am now father to all.

My long term plan is education, human capital development for my town union members in Lagos. Knowledge is power. Consequently, I have constituted the Education Committee whose members are fashioning programs for intelligent and indigent Ozubulu natives with a view to producing professionals from our community in no distant future.

There are also plans to empower our members through knowledge sharing during our monthly meetings by getting professionals to talk to us on different aspects of human endeavors. This involves learning in different skills, IT empowerment, soap making, agriculture, etc.

Building on achievements of former leaders

We will sustain the peace, unity, love and patriotism among Ozubulu natives by implementing our union constitution to the letter, introduce life Insurance policy and abolish burial levies. Plans are underway to amend our constitution to suit the present day realities. In line with the introduction of charity schemes during major celebrations, especially Christmas and Easter celebrations, last year, immediately after our election in November, we donated gifts items to Kirikiri medium prison, Lagos. During this year Easter celebrations, we did our charity at home by giving 80 widows and indigent women one bag of rice, 3 liters of cooking oil, one carton of tomatoes and cash donated by our members.