August 20, 2018

Arewa group exposes ploy to blackmail Nigeria military

Arewa group exposes ploy to blackmail Nigeria military

A civil society group under the auspices Coalition of Arewa CSO for Progress and Change, has cried out over the activities of one official of the Citizens United for Peace and Security (CUPS) organization, which it said are aimed at undermining the National Security of Nigeria.

The Arewa group said the alledged has been paid over 1billion naira by enemies of the Nigerian State to blackmail military.

Jacob Ogwuche, National President of the collation made this shocking revelation at a news conference in Abuja.

According to Ogwuche, the coalition is fully aware of the plot to discredit the Nigeria Military by some unscrupulous persons who have seen a willing tool in the individual and CUPS for the propagation of the campaign of defamation.

He said, “We are also aware that the alledged and his organization is heavily funded by some categories of people highlighted below: Political Office Holders indicted for acts of corruption, The Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Defectors to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) , and some Disgruntled People in Government.

“While we might not want to join issues we are constrained to put the issues in proper perspective.

“The accused is heavily funded to sustain the attack on the Nigeria Military through his CUPS organization supposedly based in the United Kingdom.

“In times past, he has boasted to all and sundry that he has overwhelming evidence against the military and corrupt acts being perpetrated by officers, but unfortunately, he has been unable to author a single petition to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

“The curious aspect of his activities is that he is now practicing the whistle blowing policy on Facebook, calling members of the public to furnish him with evidence against any military officers in return for a cash reward.

“In one of such posts on Facebook, he stated thus “We are patriotic Nigerians. We are determined to save Nigeria and Nigerians from peril, by whatever lawful means. We have no fear of anyone who is corrupt, no matter what their position is in human society. To this end, we are at this moment offering an immediate cash reward of N10, 000 to anyone who furnishes us with authentic information that could be used to prosecute any corrupt military officer. We have put aside the sum of N1, 000, 0000 (1 million Naira) for this project.”

“While we find this curious, to say the least, we are appalled by the sudden turnaround by the so-called agent of anti-corruption who once boasted that he has overwhelming evidence of acts of corruption against military officers. We find such doublespeak signs of a man that is eager to misinform the general public in return for financial rewards; we also frown at the fact that most social media platforms had become mediums with which acts of terrorism are carried out due to the convenience, affordability, and its broad reach.

“It is also instructive to state the the accused recently took another wife from funds he received from his paymasters to destabilize the government by deliberately spreading falsehood. We are constrained to state that if measures are not put in place by Facebook to block the account of the accused from spreading falsehood and encouraging acts of terrorism in Nigeria, we might muster concerned Nigerians to sue Facebook in a court of competent Jurisdiction.

How the accused is being funded to tarnish the image of the Nigerian Military is attached below: “Political officers that were compulsorily retired = N50million; IMN = N250million; Defectors to PDP = N500 million; Disgruntled elements in government = N25million.